Idiot Man Child: The Show!

It is only ten days away before my brand new spanking stand up comedy show “Idiot Man Child” makes it’s premiere in Adelaide and I am fired up!  Break out the big pants Radelaide, it is time to party!  This is my first solo show in Adelaide since I performed the “Three Colours Hammo” trilogy in 2008 and even though I have been back to Adelaide a couple of times to gig at the various clubs around town, performing a solo show really is what it is all about.

The thrust behind the new show is this:  I was talking to a couple of friends last year who made a New Year’s resolution to not waste time and energy hating people anymore.  Since I believe in both time and energy I thought this was a good idea to buy into.  Then the challenges came thick and fast.  I ended up being verbally attacked by a friend just because he had chosen to be boring and I hadn’t.  I had to deal with a homophobic producer at a commercial radio station that I worked at.  I came across the most annoying man to ever use public transport.  The environmental snooze fest situation in Copenhagen threatened to burn me until I had nothing left to give.  And then to finish off the year I ended up at a dinner surrounded by people who did their best to break my resolution.  Did I crack?  Well, that would be telling and I think I’ll save that for the show.

Peppered throughout the show are adverts I began writing for a fake nightclub called Fingerknuckle Nightclub.  These adverts are my favourite work from my time on radio and I think you’ll enjoy just how rebellious, naughty, juvenile and fucking funny they are.  They represent everything I love about comedy and if you have young friends who want to learn how to rebel against the system, then this is the show they should see.

This new show is a departure from the last few years.  This is all about getting back to what I love and do best:  straight stand up comedy.  Oh don’t get me wrong; there are the usual tricks and hidden Easter eggs in the show that I love to hide for those who are paying careful attention.  Toby Sullivan was the only person to realise why the star of “Three Colours Hammo” was named Calliope.  The character of Nalani who appeared in the 3rd instalment did stump Toby but that was only because he wasn’t certain of the spelling.  (For those of you who saw the shows, did you guess as to why they had those names?)  This year I have already had one person; comedian and all round good guy Karl Chandler pick up on an Elvis Costello reference in my latest material.  I love it when that happens.  Those things are never placed there to the detriment of the gags; they’re strictly there for those people who like to look for them.  There are those who like Lost for the mythology and those who like Lost for when Sawyer takes off his shirt.  I’m definitely in it for the mythology and I’d like to think my own work reflects this.  And I would never make you throw up by taking off my shirt. 

Apart from the trilogy of shows Adelaide has missed out on “The Killing Joke”, that was nominated for best show at the 2008 Melbourne Comedy Festival and last year’s play “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday” starring Hannah Norris and of course me.  It is a shame they haven’t toured Adelaide but we never felt there was the right venue to house these shows.  “The Killing Joke” was an existential stand up show set in the mind of a mad man or at least a very uptight comedian.  “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday” was about a girl lost in the world who stumbles upon a friendship with someone who is bigger than life.  Both shows needed suitable theatres that would encourage laughs and keep the Clipsal 500 crowd at bay.  Unfortunately those venues don’t exist at Fringe time and the only venues that could work are so far out of the precinct you may as well put the show on in Victor Harbour.  It is a sad fact that the Fringe orbits around the Garden of Unearthly Delights and struggles to break free of it’s gravity. 

But enough of laments.  This show has the balls and the gall to know how to deal with any situation and when finished you will be left gasping for breath at the audacity you find slinking about on stage.  Heck, I may even be riding that audacity into the street until told otherwise.  It is going to be good times people!

I arrive in the old hometown on the 12th of Feb and then open that night.  8 shows only.  8.45pm.  Go here for more information. 

And let the love fest begin Adelaide.  Come along and embrace me like an old lover.  I don’t mean an old lover in the sense I’m too old to climb into bed to get jiggy with you.  I mean an old lover from your past who is still in his prime and knows all the right things to whisper in your ear.  The show is big and bombastic full of creative swearing and a few poignant moments.  For those of you who like swearing it is nut crunching funny and for those of you who are a bit clever clever it is also completely subversive in a "hush, don't tell the others" kind of way.  This is the show that could bring nations together if they just weren’t so uptight.

Idiot Man Child:  more a statements of urban warfare than a comedy show.

I look forward to seeing you all in Radelaide.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

February 4th, 2010