Michael Chamberlin

2014 November Gigs 179 - 184: Death Star Canteen to The Comic's Lounge

I finally get around to writing about a run of gigs that might have been the best run of the year: from Death Star Canteen to The Comic's Lounge to a little show at 1000 Pound Bend.

2014 November Gigs: 166 - 171 From The Imperial To The Final Comedy At Crown

A great week of gigs with the highlight being a moment where I found a way to improve a new routine.

2014 September Gigs: 144 - 149

A new format for the blog covering my gigs at Five Boroughs, Spleen, The Imperial Hotel, The Public Bar, The Local and the debate for the Essendon Football Club.

2014 Gig Fourteen: Mumbai

The first gig for the Raw Comedy Competition in India starts off in the city of Mumbai. Read on to learn how the show played out...and how I was the first person scammed on this trip. Go Hammo!