Kate McLennan

2014 September Gigs: 144 - 149

A new format for the blog covering my gigs at Five Boroughs, Spleen, The Imperial Hotel, The Public Bar, The Local and the debate for the Essendon Football Club.

2014 Gig Sixty Four: The Shelf

The final show for The Shelf Season 9 took an hour longer than expected and that seemed just about right on the night.

2014 Gig Forty Two: Victoria Hotel

A tribute to Matty Blade and the lesson I have chosen to learn from his decision makes for a different approach to my show for the rest of the Festival.

2014 Gig Fourteen: Mumbai

The first gig for the Raw Comedy Competition in India starts off in the city of Mumbai. Read on to learn how the show played out...and how I was the first person scammed on this trip. Go Hammo!

Gig 146: The Shelf

I can be hard work sometimes behind the scenes but I like shows and comedians to reach for perfection especially when it is time for The Shelf

Gig 142: The Shelf

Cupcakes! Superheroes! Stolen phones! Things we can't talk about! Just another night at The Shelf really.

Gig 61: Moosehead Gala

The Moosehead Gala finishes off the Comedy Festival for 2013.

Gig 40: The Shelf

Another really fun night at The Shelf which included American comedians, sketches and giant men carrying me yet again to the stage.