Adelaide Fringe

2014 October Gigs: Adelaide 150 - 153

In September I had no idea what my new show would be about. After four nights in Adelaide I not only know but I have the show ready to go. Hammo digs "snacks"!

2014 Gig One Hundred and Seven: Edinburgh Fringe

The first night of the Edinburgh Fringe has finally happened and it is all systems go go go!

2014 Gig Seventy Nine: The Marion Hotel

My first gig in Adelaide for this run was at the Marion Hotel and ended up being such a fun night I'm not really certain of the set list.

2014 Gig Sixty Seven: Victoria Hotel and Gig Sixty Eight: Festival Club

I managed to check out two shows before heading into my solo show. Then it was off to the Festival Club for a spot of hosting.

2014 Gig Forty: The Toff In Town

A sneak preview of "Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994" was the reward for people who bought season tickets to The Shelf and were a part of a night where everything came together quite nicely.