2015 BLOG 15: MICF WEEK FOUR: GIGS 101 – 107

Well this blog took a lot longer to come together than I expected.

As you might be aware I was sick right in the middle of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for just under two weeks.  Once I was feeling better I knew I was operating at about 80% capacity (because I’m secretly a robot) and the only way I was going to feel completely back on track was by having some time off once the festival finished. On the final Sunday I was feeling listless but I put this down to the very natural feeling that most comedians feel at the end of a major festival.

By the Monday though I wasn’t feeling great and then once Tuesday came around I knew I was sick again.  I figured it was a relapse of the cold I had during the festival but by Wednesday I was at the doctor feeling much worst.  It turned out I now had a throat infection but my doctor couldn’t work out whether it was viral or bacterial.  We waited a couple of days and in that time I began coughing up blood so bingo, it was bacterial and it was time to get onto the sweet antibiotics.  I then spent the next week going back and forth between hot sweats, cold shivers and inability to swallow anything that wasn’t called “soup”.

It has been a particularly brutal season for a lot of my comedy super friends with countless people being knocked out with flus, gastro and for all I know Ebolaoutbreaks.  I had experienced a lucky 15 month stretch where I didn’t catch one cold so I can’t complain but it has been a brutal four weeks.  I was lucky that my show was tight and my audiences were great.  It made a tiring time fun when it had no right to be.

The final week was probably the most fun I had as it was by far the best I felt.  From the 14th – 18th of April it was all about the show “Snacks!‘  I had cancelled as much of my extra work as possible so I could concentrate on the show as that was my main priority. By tapering off it meant I was full of beans (energy not gas) for the last shows.

I did have some extra activities for the last Saturday though.  I started off the day with Adam Richard at the Imperial Hotel recording our final live Shelfcast. That was a fun episode and also coincided with my first coffee in two weeks.  When it is released you’ll be able to hear the “zing” in everything I talk about.

I hung about and did a final spot at the “5 on 5 at 5” at the Imperial Hotel as well.  That was an incredibly successful venture and I don’t remember attending any of the gigs where the audience wasn’t full.  I only wish I’d felt better for the middle shows but I had a lot of fun at the final show.  My set list was:

20s, 30s, 40s

Hurt My Back

Invite to Parties

Hairy Baby

“I Don’t Give a Hoot!”

Hushed Angry Conversation

I kept it nice and simple as I just wanted to get in there and do my job.  It was another great gig.  I managed to slip in and finally see Wil Anderson’s latest show (which of course was excellent) and then it was off to my final performance of “Snacks!” at the MICF.  I was lucky enough to have some good friends in the audience for the final show and a couple of friends found me after the show to have a drink.  You’ve seen the picture up the top with Tom and I find this is the best way to finish any season.

All up I thought this season was an incredibly successful one.  There wasn’t one show that I felt lacked a spark even when I found it difficult to get out of bed.  Now that I’m beginning to feel more like myself I can look back at the run and feel pretty positive about the fun I had with my audience.  It makes your job a lot easier when you have good people to perform to.  Now it is off to Sydney next week for the final four shows of “Snacks!” (Click here for details) and then a bit of travel over to New Zealand for their Road Show.  It is annoying that my time off consisted of me stuck in bed but in the end the timing may have been just right.

Justin Hamilton

1st of May, 2015

Fitzroy North