2014 Gig One Hundred and Forty One: Edinburgh Fringe. Gig One Hundred and Forty Two: Set List

9.10pm:  I'm running across the Meadows in the rain. 12.00pm:  I attended the Edinburgh Fringe comedy awards as a guest of Sam Simmons who was nominated for best show.  Steen Raskopolous was also nominated for best newcomer so I was pretty excited to see if either or both lads would get the win. In the end the judges chose different winners but I think it is pretty amazing that they were both nominated in such a massive festival.  I think it really speaks to where both of them are headed and this is just the beginning of some exciting times.


I sat quietly up the back enjoying the free coffee!


1.00pm:  I had quite a few errands to run and a few things to pick up before I leave Edinburgh on Monday.  I'd had quite a late night on Friday and was definitely feeling it. I caught up with my friends Claire and Kelly for lunch and then it was off to finish some jobs about the town.  I was pretty happy that it was actually warm(ish) and even had a moment of walking about without a jacket on.  Crazy, right?


Nice day!


5.00pm:  By the time I returned home I finished off some work and prepared for my afternoon nap. It was a bit later than normal but the naps have been important to help me get through the night.  The construction work that I have been banging on about due to the excessive banging has worn me down and this time of the day is the best to catch up on some lost sleep.  I set my alarm to wake me early enough that I could not only get ready for the gig but I could also wander down in my own time to flyer and have a bite to eat.  It was 6.00pm when I laid down on my bed with my alarm set for 6.30pm.

9.00pm:  I woke up feeling unusually refreshed and a bit groggy.  I looked around my bedroom and thought it was unusually dark for this time of night.  Unusually dark.  A slight moment of panic as I fumble for my phone and holy shit, I didn't set the time for 6.30pm I set it for 6.30am and my show starts in 15 minutes.  Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark! I'm up, brushing my teeth, putting on deodorant, trying to think who can I ring, I'm putting on clothes, I'm grabbing everything I need and I'm out the door into the rain, the rain, the goddamn rain running down on the cobblestone street in my Doc Martens unable to curse as I have to concentrate on running.

9.10pm:  I'm running across the Meadows in the rain.  People are looking over their shoulders as I approach, the sound of my breathing (wheezing?) forewarning the punters of my clop clop clop approach.  At first I'm thinking, "Don't slip over, don't slip over, don't slip over" as the last thing I need to do is arrive covered in mud and with wet clothes. Soon this changes to, "Don't have a heart attack, don't have a heart attack, don't have a heart attack" as I am 41 and have gone from "sleepy nigh nighs" to hard core sprinting in less than minutes.

9.15pm:  I've arrived at my venue and the poor Assembly Staff are looking at me wondering what has happened.  Between gasping for breath and trying to clean my fogged up glasses I explain the situation.  The Staff are amazing with everyone checking that I'm not going to die (thumbs up from me) and grabbing me a glass of water.  We open the house and the audience piles in...and continues to pile in...and even more people arrive...and we have a full house!  The set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


9.20pm:  The show begins and the audience is magnificent.  They're laughing, they're into the story and when the moment with the woman in Kabul goes down you can hear a pin drop.  Not only one of my best audiences of the Edinburgh Fringe (possibly the best!) but one of the best audiences for the show across all the festivals.  Throughout the show I'm running on adrenalin while my lungs are burning and I'm concentrating on not talking too quickly.  If you have to run to your gig then this is the audience you want to perform to. They were magic.  Since we started the show a little late I drop one piece of material to get us back on time for the next show.  It all goes so well that I don't want it to end.

10.10pm:  After I leave the venue I meet up with Luke McGregor and the two of us head to the other side of town to perform at Set List.  I'm rapt to find Luke waiting for me as I could use someone to talk to about everything that just happened.  It also keeps me focused as now the adrenalin is wearing off and I can feel some new aches and pains beginning to set in.  Turns out running without stretching on cobblestones and grass is just not that great for you.

11.25pm:  Set List begins.


The very funny Llyod Langford was my favourite act on the night.

12.25am:  I'm onstage.  Set List is fun and the audience is extremely appreciative.  After every topic is nailed they collectively applaud like they've just experienced a magic trick. What were some of my topics?  I think I can remember having to be "Pro IRA" in one suggestion (I changed the letters to stand for something else) and "Cockroach marital breakdown" was one of the other suggestions I'm certain.  I also had to send a message to the Scientologists so there were stacks of suggestions that if taken out of context could have some pretty powerful people on my case.  Suffice to say it was fun as always.

1.40am:  By the time I left the gig and caught up with friends Cal and Kevin to say goodbye to them (they're flying home today) I arrived home very late.  By now the aches and pains were really beginning to kick in.  I climbed into bed and made certain that my alarm was off.  With no construction work today this was my one day of the week to sleep in and I feel after everything that happened I deserved it.


Justin Hamilton

24th of August, 2014

Edinburgh Fringe