2014 Gig One Hundred and Thirty Five: Best of the Fest. Gig One Hundred and Thirty Six: Prompter. Gig One Hundred and Thirty Seven: Edinburgh

A three gig day! My first show started with me hosting the Best of the Fest day time addition over at the Assembly Gardens.  I've hosted two of these so far and thoroughly enjoyed them. It is not only a great gig but also a really good opportunity to check out some acts at the same time.  This was once again a broad show that had the following acts on: Pants Down Circus, Addy Van De Borgh, Dave Hughes and Michael Griffiths. When I arrived Addy told me to check out the room and I'm glad he did.  With the Pants Down Circus on the bill they were using the middle of the room so the audience was split in half.  As Addy pointed out, it was like one side of the room was there for the groom and the other side of the room for the bride.  It made it a tricky room to host so I performed my opening set on the floor in the middle.  That way I would hopefully bring a bit of energy to the room by working both sides.  The set list was:


Kid At The Movies

"I Don't Give A Hoot!"

Hushed Angry Conversations

Turning 40!

Invite To Parties


It was a difficult space to make work but I felt like I had them in the end.  I was glad that I jumped down onto the floor to make it work and from there I could return to the stage to host the rest of the show.  All the acts were great.  The Pants Down Circus were spectacular.  Addy was very funny.  Dave proved once again why he's one of our best acts and Michael Griffiths sang some beautiful and funny songs.  For an hour show it was jam packed with different looks and I think the audience definitely scored big with their decision to attend.


Hughsey and I were flying the Australian flag at the daytime show.


Next up was Prompter at 3.45pm.  This is a new idea coming from the brain of Troy Conrad who started the show Set List.  With his new idea you have a teleprompter in front of you and from that you have to ad lib a rejected TED talk.  You are given some script you have to stick to and then there are long moments of blank screen where you get your chance to improvise.

As with Set List it is difficult to remember everything you said onstage as your brain is moving so fast taking in new information it is difficult to recall what you just occurred. I do remember that I was playing a movie director and my job was to explain how to get a movie up and in the cinema.  It was a lot of fun and moved quite quickly.  I had a debrief with Cal Wilson after the show (who once again nailed it) before I went off to grab a bite to eat.


Dave Hughes in action...and you can see what I mean about the gap in the audience.


I returned home, managed to knock off some work and then returned to the precinct for some flyering before taking some time out to prepare for the gig.  Another night and another rock solid show.  The set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


I feel like I'm in a cycle now to the very end of the Fringe.  Pretty much every gig is a lock that it will roll over with little stress and the audiences have been strong and appreciative. It has been so ridiculously cold here that I'm blown away when people turn up let alone a good crowd.  I'm rapt that I escaped Melbourne's winter to come over for Edinburgh's summer...or as we call it "Melbourne's winter".


I'll be honest:  I still giggle every day I see this sign.  I'm 41.


I am beginning to get itchy feet with the show though.  Now that it is near the finishing line it feels like the last week of a job and I have to make certain I keep my focus.  Yet since I've made some decisions about next year and what I'll be concentrating on work wise it is difficult to remember to keep an eye on the job here.  With four shows to go that will be the biggest challenge remaining for the rest of the fringe.


Justin Hamilton

21st of August, 2014