2014 Gig One Hundred and Thirty Two: Battle of the Superheroes and Gig One Hundred and Thirty Three: Edinburgh

When Scots come up to me and say that it has been unseasonably cold here I know it is a fact.  I can't believe there was a point when I first arrived and lamented that I hadn't brought any shorts.  I figured there would be a couple of days to show off the translucent pins but the closest I've come to wear shorts is the tiny amount of time I change from my jeans into my tracksuit pants.  A few of my friends arrived yesterday and through their chattering teeth I could make out that they were feeling the cold.  I thought yesterday was possibly a little warmer than the previous days but maybe I'm suffering from Stockholm (Scotland?) Syndrome?  

Almost blue skies!


Looking good Edinburgh and thank you global warming!


My friend Jamie McCarney invited me down to perform at his show with Nik Coppin "Battle of the Superheroes".  It was a fairly laid back show where three comedians would debate who was the better superhero.  I was pitted against Bob Graham (Punisher) and George Quinn (Superman) to see who would come out on top.  Both were very funny with Bob attempting to cajole the audience into just not voting for Superman and George turning up in a Superman suit.  Good commitment from both men.  I argued for Batman. I won.

After the gig I checked out "Puddles Pity Party".  Puddles is a six foot eight (he is very tall but I'll have to check that height...he'd have to be close) clown who doesn't speak but sings with the voice of an angel.  In fact I thought his vocal range sounded very close to Scott Walker.  The show was beautiful and the songs were immaculate. I was sitting next to my friend Susan and we had two seats vacant in front of us.  This gave me mild panic attacks that I might be taken up onstage.  This did not happen and that made me love the show even more.  Cal Wilson is obsessed with Puddles and I can see why.  Check out these two clips here and here.

Then it was off to my show.  I had a healthy Monday night audience and a few people who had come down from the Batman smack down I had laid earlier in the day.  I also had Dave Hughes in the audience and that was a nice surprise!  The set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


This was just a rock solid show.  A good audience and I was relatively happy with my performance.  There are now only six shows to go and I think I have found a little extra energy knowing the finishing line is just up ahead.  I've thoroughly enjoyed this trip but the fatigue can be felt in the joints and the darker parts of the mind.  Times that by the thousands of performers here in Edinburgh and if you had any psychic abilities you could end up with a backlash that would have you resembling Jack Nicholson at the end of "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest".


I think this Scottish Independence voter is too worked up...


After the gig I caught up with Dave, Celia Pacquola and Felicity Ward for a bit and it was the perfect way to unwind.  These are definitely the highlights of a festival.  When the show is done and you spend time with your friends.  When the lights are low and the need to perform is put to one side.  When you don't have to think about the gig until the next day and the night is yours.  Only six days to go.  Who knows when I'll see these friends again?  Maybe the Adelaide Fringe?  Maybe Melbourne Comedy Festival?  Now that the show is clicking over nicely these are the moments that are the most important.


Another action shot taken by my friend John Williams.


Justin Hamilton

19th of August, 2014