2014 Gig One Hundred and Twenty Five: Edinburgh Fringe

It has been an extremely cold summer or as the Scots call it "summer". For the previous two days flyering has become an excuse to see how long you can remain in the elements before the paper you hold in your hand is turned into a papier mache excuse for advertising.  With punters only appearing to move from venue to venue the average person who has arrived to check out what is on has slimmed to almost non existent.  Yet today there was some hope as the rain eased off and all the was left was the overcast conditions and the biting wind.  As Meat Loaf once sang, "Two out of three ain't bad" and with the rainy conditions gone it was almost time to break out the sun block.

I caught up with Wil Anderson and Cal Wilson to record a podcast this morning with a large section taken up with our thoughts on the death of Robin Williams.  I wrote enough about it in my previous blog but if you want some more chat about that (and many other topics including Wil meeting the Doctor and some talk about Ryan Gosling's brother Bryan) then check out the links here.

During the afternoon I watched Cal and Wil perform at Prompter, the new idea from the creators of "Set List".  This time comedians have to improvise a TED talk and it has enough of what you love about "Set List" to draw you in while being a very different beast.  Definitely worth checking out during the Fringe if you're up here.


The gothic surroundings fit the mood of the Fringe at this point perfectly.


My numbers had taken a major hit after a very busy weekend.  The combination of Sunday/Monday along with the arctic breeze shooting throughout the streets of Edinburgh had encouraged people to stay away in droves.  If I didn't want to be out in it why would a punter?  I was prepared for smaller numbers again but was pleasantly surprised to find quite the number come to the show.  We were back in track.  Here's the set list:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


I've quite enjoyed the smaller numbers but it does take a lot more out of you. Regardless of how good the audience is you're sending a lot of energy out into the room with only a certain amount you can receive in return.  I was very happy with the way the show was holding up though and tonight I had to make certain not to talk over the laughter that was being generated by a bigger crowd.


I remember a time when I was terrified of this guy and now he busks!  (Sad face)


Not much to report as the show is now in a great rhythm.  I'm enjoying this show a lot and I'm really glad with the way it has developed over here.  I'm hoping that I can bring what I've learned back to Australia and continue to develop in a way that is interesting and fresh.  I also have my first day off (and my only day off) for the Fringe tomorrow so I am pumped to be doing bugger all.  It will be shows, shows and more shows but only as a punter.  I'm very much looking forward to that.

So I'll keep this brief.  If you see me about at the Edinburgh Fringe say hello.  I'll be the guy rapt that he doesn't have to flyer in the rain or run to his gig.


Justin Hamilton

13th of August, 2014