2014 Gig One Hundred and Nineteen: Edinburgh Fringe and Gig One Hundred and Twenty: Comedy Countdown

Last night finished in me adopting Mark from Aunty Donna as my first son. My day began with the beautiful sounds of construction kicking into gear at 7am.  It turns out I may survive the Edinburgh Fringe only to be done in by the industrial sound of progress.  Since I was up early I decided to head into town and check out some shows. First up was "The Comedy of Errors" by "Take Thou That Theatre".  It was a fun way to begin the day and the actors and actresses (or are they all "actors" now?  I'm not certain of the etiquette anymore) were on the money with their performance.  One of the girls in particular gave one of the funniest crying fits I've seen onstage and the whole production had me laughing a lot.


Clear blue skies will put you in a pretty good mood regardless of the time you're woken.


From there I had lunch with Demi Lardner before heading back into the Assembly Theatre to check out a play by Vivienne Walshe entitled, "This Is Where We Live" by the Paperback Theatre Co.  A beautiful play that was incredibly well acted.  I later found out that one of the actors is a cousin of Claire Hooper which ended up being a nice treat.  It was quite a moving performance by both actors but the character of Chloe really hit home as she reminded me of some close friends I had when growing up so I recognised the pain she was enduring.


This is not the first time I have seen this name plastered around Edinburgh.


I caught up with Cal Wilson and Demi for cake, coffee and a little chat for my podcast. I left the girls to find Tiffany Stevenson for another little interview and then it was back to my flat to have a shower, get changed and sneak in a little work.  Our internet and phone coverage seems to melt away as the day progresses so the work I had to do took three times as long which wasn't annoying at all.

Back into the hub I knocked off a savoury crepe for dinner and prepared for my show. I can't find any changes that need to be made now and have settled into a rhythm with the show that is comfortable and fun.  The set list was the following:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


Once again I performed the show off mic and I am enjoying that aspect of it a lot.  I'm thinking that I might attempt to continue to present the show this way for the rest of the Fringe.  I'll have to be aware that I could strain my voice since I have another 16 performances ahead of me but I like the freedom it presents me onstage.  As long as I'm across where I'm at physically I should be fine.


The upside down purple cow bathing in the vitamin D.


I had a chat with three girls from Australia after the show including one who is a fan of my podcast "Can You Take This Photo Please?"  I'm always super chuffed when I meet someone who listens to the show and then times that by 10 when it is someone you are meeting on the other side of the world.  After the chat I was up at the Gilded Balloon to be a guest on "Comedy Countdown".  In Australia the show was called "Letters and Numbers" which may be the most literal name for a show in recent memory.  The host was the super charming Dan Atkinson and had guests that included Luke Toulson, James Cook, Ria Lina, David Morgan and Marcel Lucont. It was a fun show but I have to be honest that I was beginning to feel the fatigue set in before we began.  Of course that soon changed by the time I knocked back two red wines during the course of the show and then it was off to the Loft Bar to have a nightcap.


This little fella came and hung out with me while I made a phone call out the front of my flat.


At the bar I hung out with Mark and Zachary from Aunty Donna and fellow comedian Taco who had just arrived in Edinburgh.  There was a big man group hug when we realised that we all believe "The Dark Knight Rises" is the best part of the trilogy, bonded over the joy of George Clooney, shared some David Bowie stories and finally yelled in each other's faces with excitement at the prospect of seeing Christopher Nolan's new movie "Interstellar" four or five times together at the IMAX cinemas back in Melbourne. I declared that Mark was now my adopted son and we left the bar talking about Batman just like a father and child should do.

I'd say that was a pretty cracking day at the Edinburgh Fringe.


Justin Hamilton

8th of August, 2014