2014 Gig One Hundred and Six: The Local

This is my final gig in Australia until September so I wanted it to be not only a good one but also take the opportunity to work on some material from my solo show "Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994".  I had left a lot of the material behind over the past couple of months as I knew I would be performing the show a lot in Edinburgh.  Now is the time to get those routines up and running again.  

You can't quite tell from this photo but the night was a cool one with a glowing moon.


Some of the changes I've attempted to make to the show is the swapping of Australian references for UK ones.  As an example when I talk about my manager suggesting I go to Afghanistan and in Australia the line I followed up with was, "I was kinda thinking the Project".  Now I've swapped that over for "Q.I."  I think that will work and it didn't change the rhythm of the joke that significantly.  It will definitely be a trial and error situation for a couple of nights at least.


Set List One


Abigail is Excited


I Stopped A Fight

Fall Out With Cosy

My Best Traits Make Me Annoying

Fix Your Flaws

Never Act On A Crush


Set List Two


Biker Corporate Gig



Dil Jayasinha is one of my favourite young comics on the scene.


For those of you who had seen the show during the Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival or even the shows in Tasmania, you will recognise some of the subject headings above.  Once again the main idea behind bringing this material out was to find a good rhythm with the performance and also see if some of the changes in references still worked.  Apart from a moment where I lost my place (I realised that to get into one of my pieces I had to double back on a subject I had already mentioned. A good lesson to learn now before taking it to Edinburgh) it seemed to fit together well.


Tommy Dassalo has been my "special little fella" for a number of years now.


For the beginning of the second bracket I performed the routine that I had only recently rediscovered during season 9 of The Shelf.  It has been slowly growing and improving so I was keen to have another play with it before I head overseas.  I think I may have forgotten that I performed that piece at The Local not that long ago and while it still went well I think there were some people in the audience who could have sung along.  I should have been more vigilant but things have been so busy in the lead up that I just forgot to check.  It was fine as there were enough in the audience who hadn't seen the story before but I wish in hindsight I'd been a little more on the ball and maybe had pulled out a different routine for the room.


Sarah Jones consistently goes well at The Local with her innovative approach to the stage.


As a final show in Australia for a while it was a good one to sign off on.  Hopefully after being away for a number of weeks I'll return refreshed with some new ideas and possibly a new routine or two.  I've found writing new material difficult of late as I've been bogged down with work (as an example I've had to write and record 18 TV and movie reviews for my pals in Perth on Mix FM to cover my time away) and therefore found inspiration to be hard to come by.  With the trip looming I have hopefully put enough of my work behind me to be able to embrace whatever comes my way in the next few weeks.


Dave Quirk brought the end of the night to a very funny conclusion.


Justin Hamilton

16th of July, 2014

Fitzroy North