2014 Gig One Hundred and Five: Five Boroughs

I've been fighting the onset of a cold in recent days. Pretty annoying stuff but something I've been attempting to stay on top of especially considering I fly out for Edinburgh soon. After last year where I had a relapse every three weeks with the same cold reappearing over and over I have been careful to avoid as many scenarios as possible where I could catch something again.  With that in mind I've jumped on the front foot and knocked back all sorts of (legal) drugs that have hopefully nipped the little sucker in the bud. Glenn Robbins was the host for Five Boroughs on Thursday night.  Glenn is a true gentleman and I still get a buzz out of working with him.  After spending so many years watching Glenn on TV you can't help but feel excited when you're in the position of working with someone you admire so much.  Also Five Boroughs is one of my favourite rooms in Australia as it is always chock full of people and great line ups. Last Thursday was no exception.  I wasn't feeling great so I stuck to a set list that I knew I could rely on. I had planned on working on some material that would be slotted into my Edinburgh run of "Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994" but my concentration was wavering a little.  I didn't want to try something new or different that I hadn't had enough time to think through properly.  Here is the set list:


Partying During the Week

Turning 40

Invite To Parties

Hairy Baby

"I Don't Give a Hoot!"

Hushed Angry Conversations

Biker Corporate Gig



Ominous clouds suggested rain or the future of the Terminator movies was upon us.



This gig was about maintaining a level of concentration to finish off the night on a high. Glenn had already done a great job as host and the comedians that came before me (Corey White, Jonathon Schuster and American comic Jim McDonald) had already done a great job for the sold out audience so I didn't want to have the night finish on a "Meh" note.  There was an interesting moment onstage where I noticed the (legal!) drugs I had taken had given me a slight case of the shakes so that was something I had to be aware of. Sometimes when you taken something for a cold your adrenalin kicks in and suddenly everything is all over the place.  I was able to concentrate on the gig fine but I did feel a mild vibration taking place down through my arms.

I hadn't planned on performing the final story but my friend Dil Jayasinha was present and when I was about to walk onstage I asked him if he had any requests.  He fired back one of the jokes from the "Biker Corporate Gig" story.  At about the halfway mark of my set I was thinking what I might do next when I remembered Dil's request so I launched into that story.  Considering that tale had been consigned to the dustbins I am really glad I've brought it back as it is a fun story to perform.  Now that I have also have another three or four years of experience under my belt I feel like I perform the piece better than before.  It is nice to have it back in my rotation.

Overall it was a great night even with me not feeling great.  I've been lucky the past week with two cracking audiences who have give the stage a lot of energy.  This has allowed me to overcome any sluggishness I may have been feeling and allowed me to have some really fun gigs.  As I said before, I've been very lucky!


Justin Hamilton

12th of July, 2014

Fitzroy North