2014 Gig One Hundred and Four: The Local

My morning began with this view:  

Shame I didn't have a better camera but you can at least get the feel.


Often when I am walking about early I love those clear mornings where the air balloons hover over head.  They appear so silently and feel alien in nature appearing like a comic book character's thought bubbles littering the sky.  Nothing to do with the gig but I thought you might like to have a look anyway.

I'm starting a two week stand at The Local for Janet McLeod.  I've been under the pump attempting to finish a bunch of work before I leave the country and between us I could really use a couple of extra hours in the day.  Not necessarily to continue working but to have some down time to recharge the head.  It is important to daydream, to have moments where your head is clear of all thoughts and allow it to go places it can't when you're constantly applying it to to work.  My weekend was really busy with a dinner on Saturday night as my only respite.  Monday was no better and by the time I arrived at the gig I felt underprepared and tired.  Luckily for me the audience was packed and full of good vibes so they definitely helped get me back on track.  Here are the set lists:


Set List One


Budget Fury

Conversations Are Dead

The Dark Knight Documentary

How I Deal With Trauma

Pro Choice/Anti Idiot

Girl At The Theatre

Rolf Harris

“I Don’t Give A Hoot”

Hushed Angry Conversations


Set List Two


Tram Story


Daniel Connell continues to impress me with his excellent work onstage.


My opening had quite a bit of ad libbing within it but all the bits and pieces didn't really come together to make a whole routine that could be listed above.  Suffice to say there was some government talk and it was all pretty depressing depending on who you voted for at the last election.  Whether it was Labor or Liberal it was all pretty shit house. There is something very depressing about living in a country that has so much going for it but would rather ignore those great traits and instead come across as a nation full of arseholes.  Don't believe me?  Check stories from around the world commenting on where Australia is at and tell me you don't feel disappointed at the end of it.

Anyway I digress...

I'm currently trialling some material to see if it will be inserted in the Edinburgh Fringe run of my solo show "Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994".  Some of the routines are feeling a little Australian centric so I want to take them out and replace them with ideas that not only fit in with the themes of the show but are also in the process more universal. I'm not certain if it will be brand new material or older routines or possibly a mix of both.  I have a trial show next Wednesday (the 16th of July) so I am beginning to run out of time to make a choice.  I used the The Local as an opportunity to have a run through of some of these ideas to see what would stick.


I hadn't seen Kate Dehnert before but she was very funny last night.


I also used my opening as an opportunity to run in one of my routines from my show.  It is one that I haven't used since the end of the MICF and it gave me the chance to work out the rhythm of the routine.  (It was the Pro Choice/Anti Idiot piece.)  It is a fairly important piece to me so I want to get it back on track as soon as possible.  As for the rest of the gig I was piecing routines back and forth.  In the end I left out some of the ideas that I had planned on definitely using and went with a set that felt right on the night instead.


Jim McDonald had flown in from America yesterday but you wouldn't have known it onstage.  Very slick!


Since I took up about 25 minutes at the top of the show I decided to keep the beginning of the second really tight to help get the show back on track.  I had thrown the Tram Story in at a gig on the Melbourne Comedy Festival Road Show without really thinking.  It can really surprise you when your subconscious just pulls out an older routine with no prompting but I enjoyed performing the piece after I thought it might be done.  Last night the weather reminded me of that story (the story takes place on a very cold night in June from a few years ago) and knowing it was tight I used that to warm up the second half.

All up it was another great night at The Local and I really think the energy in the audience helped get me over the line.  I know how tired I was before the show and I was extremely grateful to have an audience that was ready to go.  Hopefully I'll manage my week better and be more on the ball for next week's show.


Justin Hamilton

8th of July, 2014

Fitzroy North