2014 Gig Seventy Nine: The Marion Hotel

One of things I really enjoy about flying back to Adelaide is getting a look at the city I grew up in from the air.  Then this happened:  

Window fail!


Good thing I've seen it many times before, right?

The show at the Marion Hotel was an opportunity to work on two aspects of my stand up: a new piece of material and having fun.  The show at Crown helped me rediscover my rhythm onstage (no dancing, just jokes folks, just jokes) and I wanted to continue that feeling over the next two weeks here in Adelaide.  I also wanted to mix and match my material between new ideas and older routines.  I'll attempt to keep a similar set list for this week and then as of next week I'll start reintroducing some of the material from my solo show "Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994" so I can work on in preparation for Edinburgh in a couple of months.

Tegan Higginbotham did a great job of hosting the show.  It can be an unenviable task to have to warm up an audience but I think this is would have been one of the best jobs of hosting I've seen her carry out.  You can never underestimate the lessons learned during a festival run and I can see the improvement in Tegan already.  The Adelaide contingent also did an excellent job with Nick O'Connell in particular showing off some great new skills.  Julia Clarke, Justin Stone and my old pal Kevin Kopfstein also brought the goods to the Marion last night.


Tegan during her opening set last night.


My set list was the following:



Seating and Lighting

High School Saviour

The Dark Knight Documentary

If I Were A Superhero

Attended a Funeral

The Kid at Captain America

I Heard Gravity

Biker Corporate Gig

The Kid at Captain America

The Geeks Won

Felix and Twitter

Qantas Rant


To be honest I've had difficulty getting the set list together because there was so much ad libbing during the show I had trouble writing down all the pieces for this blog.  I'd had a pretty uplifting conversation with a friend before the show that had put me in a good mood that followed me onto the stage.  I've performed at the Marion a lot now and I love the room.  It is a great suburban gig and the audience that comes along really locks into the show.  Comedy can be a tough gig at the best of times and especially after the Adelaide Fringe.  This city closes down for a while to recover from the five weeks everybody spent down at the Garden of Unearthly Delights so Adelaide Comedy producer Craig Egan took a big break and has only just brought the regular gigs back.  I think it was a good idea to lock it down for a bit because now he can slowly grind the shows back into working order.  Last night's audience was a testament to the good work Craig has done in the lead up to the middle of the year.

I am having a lot of fun with the Biker Corporate Gig routine.  I had not performed that story for a few years and I only brought it back so I could use it as an opener for the Shelf during the MICF.  Since it has been a long time since I remembered the routine I'm having to go back to the story and in the process I've come across facts that I didn't realise were funny at the time.  As an example my comedy amigo for the gig was and we were paid that night in one and two dollar coins in a bag.  At the time I was pleasantly surprised to escape that gig with my teeth in my mouth and forgot that fact. Now it fits in nicely to the lattice work of the tale and has brought a bit of new energy to the older story.


Nick O'Connell was a stand out last night.


There was a point onstage where I had a fear that I had been having so much fun that I had kept the audience much longer than I intended.  As Rich Hall once said, "There's a fine line between a captive audience and a hostage situation" and you'd hate to tip it over into that realm.  When I finally came off stage I was pleasantly surprised that I had only clocked in 35-40 minutes onstage and we were in fact on time.  This is a clear sign that the ad libbing had taken away all sense of time and space and I was actually relieved to discover that I had in fact done my time.

I don't know if I expanded on the material I wanted to improve enough but that is a minor quibble at this point.  I have Tea Tree Plaza tonight so that will give me another opportunity to explore the newer ideas.  I'm feeling good in Adelaide at the moment and I'm looking forward to the next two weeks.  Hopefully by the end of it I'll have some new ideas to bring back to Melbourne at the beginning of June.


Justin Hamilton

22nd of May, 2014

Croydon, Adelaide