2014 Gig Seventy Seven: The Public Bar

Before we get into anything check out the photo from Wednesday night:  

Thanks to global warming Wednesday night was beautiful.


I've decided that I need to clear the clutter in my head and one of the ways I've approached this is by turning off my phone and doing more walking without my headphones on.  There were times when I've arrived at gigs feeling a little fatigued and have assumed that there is too much information going in and out of my head on a regular basis.  Not all of it is important information either.  A lot of it is white noise and in the end it is best to put these gadgets that rule our lives aside and let a certain calmness descend.

I walked to the Public Bar from my home in Fitzroy North and was in good spirits upon my arrival.  Over the past few days the melancholy that ruled my every thought has slowly begun to recede and in that process I have begun to feel creative again.  It helped that I was performing at the Public Bar, a venue that is one of my favourite new rooms to work in.  Steele Saunders has continued to do a great job with it and the line up for the show was a corker:


You know you've made it when you see your name up in chalk.  Boo-yah!


I thought there were some good ideas from the material I performed at The Local on Monday night so I wanted to take this opportunity to see if I could build on them. On my walk I thought through the routines and attempted to find some new avenues into the material.  This was the set list:


Kill The Prime Minister Tweet

The Kid at Captain America

The Dark Knight Documentary

If I Were A Superhero

The Geeks Won

Felix and Twitter

Qantas Rant


I started with some ad libbed material about the budget and what happened when I posted a tweet that may have landed me in trouble.  It was an interesting piece to start with but I felt I'd read the mood of the room and was confident it would land well especially coming off the back of Geraldine Hickey's material.  From there I wanted to explore the stories I'd debuted at the Local to see where they might go.  I think they're all potentially solid pieces but at the moment I feel like I've put together routines that might actually be more interesting as separate bits.  Even though the two pieces have a common topic in them (superheroes) the motivation for each piece doesn't quite match up.


Geraldine Hickey glowing as the host.


As an example the two routines The Dark Knight Documentary and If I Were A Superhero are thematically about what I choose to learn from the trilogy of movies and how I'd love to put that into action.  For me The Dark Knight Trilogy is about a guy who suffers a trauma early in his life and finds a way to deal with it and by the end of the final movie (I'd say spoilers but too bad so sad if you haven't seen it yet, you had plenty of time) he's dealt with his demons and is now living with Anne Hathaway in Europe. The thrust of my routine is I wish that is how I dealt with trauma.  There are some good ideas here that might be truncated because I've teamed it up with material that it doesn't quite flow into.  (At this point in time anyway.)


Brad Oakes was definitely not ready for me to take this photo...sorry Oaksey!


Meanwhile The Kid At Captain America and The Geeks Won are about an experience at the movies and what I learned from that experience.  Just because both routines have superheroes in them they're in fact motivated by very different ideas.  I'm tempted for my Adelaide run next week to pull both of these routines apart and work on them separately. I don't think they need to run into each other and I might be blunting the idea behind both routines by having them joined together.  It makes for a muddled message and takes away from the reliability of the jokes.

That is what I'm thinking at the moment.  I enjoy both ideas so far (especially the Captain America act out which really reminds me I'm 41.  I might have to work out more for this routine!) and would like to see how far they can grow.  My gig on Sunday won't be the type of place that I can play around with some new ideas but once I hit Adelaide I'll have a nice run that will allow me to explore each piece and see where they end up.  Fingers crossed I have two new pieces that I develop over the next few months. Yet another great night at the Public Bar and if you live in Melbourne and haven't been before you need to get down there to check it out.  It is an old school room where you will see some of the finest comedians this country has to offer in an environment that is designed for them to succeed at doing what they do best:  making an audience laugh.


Justin Hamilton

16th of May, 2014

Fitzroy North