2014 Gig Sixty Nine: Victoria Hotel

So this is what the day looked like yesterday:  

Very different to today, right?


I had a meeting in the city that was in a really weird nether region of time.  It was too late to head home and return to the city and it was just long enough that it made killing time in the city laborious.  I was tired and didn't feel like catching up with anyone but managed to find a place to grab something to eat and have some Facebook contact with a friend who lives overseas.  By the time I headed back to the Town Hall it was time to see a show and I checked out Sarah Kendall's "Touchdown".  It was sooooooo good.  I loved every second of it.  Her storytelling was beautiful and layered. The tale was compelling and her performance was sublime.  There were plenty of laughs and a poignancy that wasn't forced but completely earned.  I'd had a few people I trust encourage me specifically to see this show and the only thing I'm furious about is that I didn't see it earlier.  I would have been encouraging everybody I've met to see this show.  I also admired that it never talked down to the audience.  It forces you to engage and have a think while being entertaining and funny.  I learned a lot from her show and if you get the opportunity over the next couple of days I stress you should see her show.  It is the lost gem of this festival and if you meet anyone who has a bad thing to say about it you should immediately make a deal with yourself to never trust that person again.  So there.

I had a bit of time to kill after my show so after I talked at Sarah about how much I loved her show and then rang everybody I knew to talk about how much I loved her show it was time to actually perform.  The set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


While I was waiting out the back I could hear some people in the audience that reminded me of that night in Adelaide where a bunch of drunk people had arrived at my show.  In particular I could hear one woman's voice and I pretty much decided I wasn't into her due to her voice, the way she was speaking and what she was saying. Yuck.  I also knew I was about to walk onstage and perform to her for the next 50 odd minutes and that is a slightly depressing realisation.  I had to make certain that I didn't judge the audience before I walked onstage.  You can't judge a whole audience by one person and you shouldn't let one person affect how you perform.

Once onstage I found her pretty early and she was also sitting with a woman who was either drunk, annoying or a little bit daft.  This woman seemed to be attempting to grab my attention for the whole show so what I decided to do was look everywhere but in her direction.  Halfway through the show I did have a moment of being distracted by her but for the most part I did a pretty good job of ignoring her.  There was a shame to having two distractions sitting up the front and that was basically that they were distracting from an audience that was fantastic.  It was another sold out show that was full of the love and for the most part I really enjoyed the night.  It was tiring though having to remember to not look down at any point.  I know that reads really lame but while you're performing you just want to concentrate on the show.  Having to constantly remind yourself to not give someone any attention is just an added pressure that is unnecessary.

By the end of the show I was quite relieved that it was over.  I enjoyed most of the performance but there were times where I had to really concentrate on moving forward and not being distracted by these people.  I'm guessing they had a fun night so they scored their money's worth.  Also the good thing is that since they were sitting up the front nobody else really noticed how annoying they were.  (I don't think so anyway.  If you were there and they annoyed you let me know!  I did my best to not let them distract from the show, honest.)  With two more shows to go I hope that those types of people wander off and check out something else so my audience and I can enjoy the final weekend of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


Justin Hamilton

18th of April, 2014

Fitzroy North