2014 Gig Sixty Four: The Shelf

Kate McLennan, Rohan Desai, this idiot and Adam Richard before the show began.  

The photo above was taken before the show began.  Kate and I were very excited because we had our friend Rohan Desai from India on the bill.  Rohan won the Indian heats for the Raw Comedy Competition and this was his first time in Australia.  He nailed his spot at the final on the Sunday and then was a guest at The Shelf.  It was a big line up to finish the 9th season of The Shelf.  Check it out:


Wil Anderson

Celia Pacquola

Asher Treleaven

Sarah Kendall

Cal Wilson

Claire Hooper

Justin Hamilton

Adam Richard


Mel Buttle

Kate McLennan

Gordon Southern

Becky Lucas

Rohan Desai

Fan Fiction Comedy (Heidi O'Loughlin)


I've been having a lot of fun at the start of The Shelf by delving back into some older material that isn't performed that often anymore.  In fact the first couple of shows I used material I hadn't performed in years but the piece I chose for last night was one that I have probably brought out a couple of times last year.  It is a slightly cumbersome routine and works a treat with an audience that is totally on your side but can be too big for a shorter spot.  Also I find since it has so many moving pieces it is difficult to get it working in a big room where the audience at the back are too far away from the action. Yet I had a feeling it would be perfect for The Shelf and it did indeed go down a treat. The set list was:




There was a bit of ad libbing at the beginning and then I segued into the material with little fuss.  I enjoy performing this piece a lot and has many moments that are fun to get to.  It also contains one of my favourite puns.  I don't use many but if I do I like to use them as "joining" jokes.  I don't rest on them, I keep moving forward but they provide a little gag to keep everybody on their toes.  There is actually one in this year's show in the middle of the "Pro Choice" material that is stupid and fun.  Last night's revolved around the "Three birds fucking" part of the routine and from the reaction the audience enjoyed it as well.


The behaviour backstage is 100% juvenile and fun.


I love the audience that comes to The Shelf.  They're so excited for anyone new that regardless of how much experience they may or may not have, if they're on the bill then our audience is going to give them a red hot go.  Last night not only did Rohan have a great set (and when I say great I mean GREAT!) but also Becky Lucas had a scorcher as well.  With Mel Buttle and Sarah Kendall finally on the line up (I've been attempting to book both of them for ages now) we had a good blend of new faces and regulars that made for a really fun show.

Highlights once again consisted of Wil, Adam and I talking over Lehmo again in what was a call back to the opening night.  I did not expect to be ever able to recreate that moment but while it may not have been quite as good as the first one (it is rare that the sequel outclasses the original) I think our crowd enjoyed that the anarchy of the show lead there again.

It has been a treat having Cal and Claire on again, they're definitely two highlights of the regular acts.  It was great having Gordon, Asher and Fan Fiction Comedy back. Celia Pacquola showed everybody why she's the business at the moment.  All in all the show only ran an hour over (only!) and was a fun capper to the latest season. We're taking a longer hiatus for the next season.  It looks like we'll return at the end of the year but for now it is all systems go toward the end of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Even though we're done with The Shelf for another season I'm already thinking about what we can do next time we return.


Rohan nailing it at The Shelf.


Justin Hamilton

15th of April, 2014

Fitzroy North