2014 Gig Fifty Five: Victoria Hotel

We're almost at "Suicide Wednesday". A fairly over the top title for the middle Wednesday of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival but what would you expect from a bunch of comedians who thrive on drama?  Tuesday night's show had a mild whiff of fatigue.  I was definitely feeling tired and all the work I was doing seemed to take just that bit longer.  I had worked on the latest episode of "Can You Take This Photo Please?" along with a new blog and an assortment of other work.  By the time I had finished it was night time and I really couldn't understand why it took so long.  I have a feeling there were large swaths of time where I stared at the computer and lost myself in some sort of sub-Matrix situation.  No kung fu; just loads of glitches.

By the time I had wandered in it was almost time for my show.  I have enjoyed arriving at the Comedy Festival precinct well before my show as hanging out with the comedians has been a good way to warm up for the show.  This was not quite the way I had envisaged getting myself into the mood.  Luckily I had a friend to chat with before hand and soon it was time to kick into show mode.  The set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


It was definitely a quieter night but a good response.  I think when I was younger (scratch that...I know when I was younger) I would have thought that gig was incredibly tough but instead this was just one of those nights where you could see the smiling even when there wasn't the big belly laughs.  That isn't to say there wasn't any laughter.  It was just the type of night where the laughs felt truncated.  Yet there was never any point where I didn't feel the warmth in the room.

Since I knew the night was going to be a little quiet I attempted to keep myself mildly wrong footed so I didn't fall into a rhythm that meant I raced through the show.  At some points I added some extra description in a story or I slipped in some information that would help flesh out a scene.  In the past I would have created an internal beat that I would stick to but since I could read the audience as having a good time I didn't want to short change their experience.  In the end I quite enjoyed the challenge of playing to this audience and to be honest I could understand where they were at.  It was raining, it is the end of daylight savings and my show feels much later at night.  With two weeks to go that will be my next challenge:  overcome any sense of lethargy so I put on the best show that I am capable of.

A sign that I was tired was that I completely forgot to take any photos for this blog.  So to break it up here is a photo from the first night of The Shelf where we spontaneously acted out the evolution of performer from cave man team captain to Spicks and Specks team captain:


From L-R: Ella Hooper, this idiot, Wil Anderson, Josh Earl and Adam Richard.


Justin Hamilton

9th of April, 2014

Fitzroy North