2014 Gig Forty Eight: Victoria Hotel

I started last night by checking out the new show by Gatesy, Roz Hammond and Bob Franklin entitled "The Writers".  I was a big fan of their last show "Stubborn Monkey Disorder" and was excited when I learned Roz was going to be a part of this new show. It is delightfully bonkers and I laughed so much during the show I was actually quite exhausted by the end of it.  How would I describe the show?  I think it is best to not give too much away but it feels very much like a creepy sitcom.  That is my take anyway.  The audience were very much into the show and it left me hoping that they'll continue to work together in the future.  

I managed to sneak this photo of Roz, Bob and Gatesy during the show.


I'm glad that I've decided to check out as many shows as possible this year.  It is putting me in a good mood for my own show and is also giving me a lot of opportunities to see and speak with a lot of friends in between performances.  I managed to sneak a solid block of gossip with one of my friends out the front of the Town Hall that was hilarious and mildly interesting.  What did we talk about?  Sorry, I can't hear you.  Bad line.  I'll just keep talking then, eh?

Only the one show as per usual and so the set list was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


Every year that I perform a new show I become obsessed with a song that ends up being the unofficial track for that festival.  As an example the year that I performed "Three Colours Hammo" the song that I played on heavy rotation was George Harrison's "All Those Years Ago".  I don't know why that song stuck in my head.  It might have been the reflective quality of the song that reflected where a lot of the show was pitched.  I've just noticed over the last couple of days that this year's song is Amy Winehouse's "Tears Dry On Their Own".  I'm not certain what it means (if anything) but it is also firing up the creative juices.  I had an idea recently for a two hander about a couple on their way to an 80's themed party who's relationship hits crisis point just as they're about to leave the house.  I have a very specific person in mind for this and probably won't do it if I can't make my timetable match up with hers.  Who am I thinking about performing with? What?  Wow, what a terrible connection we're having today.

I was feeling pretty loose before the show last night and was in a bit of a silly mood after enjoying the earlier show.  I think that lent last night's gig a breath of fresh air and I thoroughly enjoyed my time onstage.  It was a great audience too.  They were clicked into the rhythm of the show very early and that gave me the confidence to play around with the structure of some of the routines.  I feel at this point that I'm learning something new about the show with every performance and it is amazing that I am ad libbing even more compared to the opening season in Adelaide but it isn't making the show too bulky in the process.

After the show young Josie (a bubble wrap and tea addict) and her friends had a chat with me and brought me this:




This is a pre-emptive cake celebrating that the 19th of April will be the 20th anniversary of my first ever gig.  Hard to believe that it is nearly 20 years since this idiot walked onstage at Boltz Cafe in Adelaide with my friend Damien in a duo called The Bunta Boys. It is mildly mental to even begin to comprehend it.  I am pleased to note that Josie's cake was not laced with anything and was indeed delicious.  Thank you Josie.


Justin Hamilton

3rd of April, 2014

Fitzroy North