2014 Gig Thirty Eight: Adelaide Fringe

So we're done. I'm writing this from Brisbane where I have flown via Melbourne to catch NIN/QOTSA double bill.  I had a 6am flight that was delayed on the tarmac by 70 minutes before flying to Melbourne.  After enduring Melbourne morning traffic I finally arrived at a shoot (for something...not telling what that was for...well, not today anyway) at 10.30am.  I'd left Mum's place at 5am so that is a long time to travel to end up not that far away.  Once completed I was back in a taxi to catch my flight to Brisbane. This is my one day off (even though I ended up working this morning...and I'm writing a blog now...sheesh, does this idiot know how to take time off?) and I wanted to catch this show with my friend Wil so goddamn it I was going to make this happen.

Yes I am tired!

I didn't end up arriving in the city of Adelaide until well after the "March In March" rally at Parliament House.  I had thought of going but after marching in Adelaide against the invasion of Iraq I have felt pretty disillusioned with politics.  Once upon a time I read as much as I could but after that rally that had millions of people joining in all over the world and the government's blatant disregard for what people wanted I have done a lot of disconnecting from the world.  I wouldn't encourage people to follow my lead but I pick and choose what political situations I choose to read because the feeling of uselessness is too overpowering.  I didn't vote Abbott or his government in and I'm fairly confused by the people who seem to be shocked that the Liberal party would be making this type of stand.  It was always going to play out this way and I feel we're in for some dark times. Apologies if you read this blog for just the comedy side of things but I wanted to explain quickly why I would avoid a march that I wholeheartedly believe in. Sometimes it is better to avoid heartbreak than put on the line.  I fight my battles in other ways now and I'm a little quieter about how I do it.  I did enjoy walking past the placards that had been left behind though:


Here, here!


We all know where this was going...


I enjoy the sentiment and the neatness of this.


I feel this way about many aspects of life.


I felt a little guilty that I wasn't amongst this but as I said I fight my battles in quieter ways.  I also had my final show and after a late night I was feeling pretty tired.  The Late Show at The Rhino Room lived up to its name and even though I did a ghostie I was still quite late.  I knew I had a responsibility to the final night audience so it was imperative that I scored some shut eye and down time.

I normally hate Sunday shows to finish off a run but this show ended up being great full of punters and comedians who had come down to check out the show.  A simple set list for you since it was just the show:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


I'm going to have to talk to my director Declan as I have found a weakness in the show. There is a routine that if the audience is totally onside it goes down a treat but if there is any doubt or if I possibly don't explain it properly it seems like it is a mild misfire.  It doesn't feel like the routine tanks but it doesn't have the solid laughs that the other routines contain.  I am finding it annoying and have been attempting to work out what it might be but I think this is going to be one of those situations where I will need an outside eye.  With a week before my next performance of the show I have time to make the necessary adjustments.


The weather was looking just right for the final night of the Fringe.


Overall though I was happy with my run and I think this is the most fun I've had at the Fringe in years.  I was over the moon with my techie Claire and front of house girl Jenny and backstage with Heath, Simon and Ryan (fellow performers!) was a treat each night. After the show I was asked to join in with the fun at the Fringe Club but after popping my head in and knowing the day I had ahead of me today I knew the best course was to disappear when I had the opportunity.  I still want to work on that routine that is bugging me and have spent most of my quiet moments trying to work out what is wrong.  I know it will be something small.  The "Pro Choice" routine came together when I changed the tone at the beginning of the story and now that is firing.  One little tweak and I could be back on track.  It is this type of situation, this type of problem solving that keeps me engaged with stand up.  It is always evolving even when you think you have a handle on it.


I'm off to NIN/QOTSA now.  Time to let what hair I have left down and forget about the show even if it is just for a few hours.


Justin Hamilton

17th of March, 2014