2014 Gig Twenty Seven: Adelaide Fringe

Back to one gig for the day and after a couple of late nights I was pretty happy to just have the one show to concentrate on.  This allowed me to spend some time with two of my oldest friends from primary school.  Being able to escape the Adelaide Fringe and spend time with not only my friends but their delightful children was a good opportunity to recharge.  If you can spend some time forgetting about the show for a little while it makes it feel fresh when you return to preparation for the night. My days are rushing by at the moment.  My day is consisting of rising as early as possible (usually around 7.30am) and then going for an hour walk.  I take my iPod and headphones so I can start the day listening to the music that opens my show, David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" (2013 remix) and the song that finishes the show which is Dave Edmunds' "Take Me For A Little While".  This allows me to think about the show from the previous night, what went well, what can be improved etc.  Then I switch over to a podcast or music for the rest of the walk.

I return home, write a few jokes for Twitter and Facebook.  I write this blog and promote my show.  Some days I work on my latest podcast.  By the time that is all sorted it is usually about time for lunch.  After lunch I reply to emails, do some work on other shows like the upcoming season of The Shelf or Geraldine Quinn's MICF production (I'm directing this one) and then I attempt to have some down time.  I prefer a power nap but sometimes I'll read for a little bit.  Then it is time for an early dinner, have a quick shower and then head into the city for my show.  Most nights I hand out flyers and then take a little time to sit by myself and go over the show.  From 8.15pm I perform the show and then afterward catch up with friends for a little down time before heading home and off to bed.  If I have a late show I head to that, do my thing and then head home. There really isn't a lot of down time but that is what to be expected of a festival.


The set list last night was:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


It has warmed up again and there is some serious sweating by this guy taking place.  It could be worst.  I could be under this:


Somewhere over the River Torrens...


Once again I've had an excellent audience and a full house.  It felt onstage like it took about five minutes for the audience to warm into the show but once they picked up on the format and the rhythm of the story they locked right in.  It is funny when you're onstage performing and you can feel the audience almost willing to jump on board but collectively it just takes a few moments.  I was panicked by this.  When you're younger you can get scared but I'm old enough and stupid enough to just figure everything will be fine if I maintain the performance then they'll catch up.

Nothing much to report from this one as it was a solid performance.  A couple of stumbles on lines weren't enough to ruin their impact but something I should keep an eye on.  I have a lot of work to nail today so I'll attempt to balance work (blogs, podcast recording, script reading) with some down time (a new episode of Rake, the final episode of True Detective) before heading to my show.  It is all about balance now. Last night was the latest I'd stayed out as a bunch of my friends came to the show or came and met up with me after.  The highlight of the night was realising that if my friend Alison Bice and I were animals we might look like these guys:


What has 16 eyes and too much to drink?


Another good night that finishes off the first week of my run.  If the second week continues this form it might end up being my favourite Adelaide Fringe since my first foray back in 1996.


Justin Hamilton

10th of March, 2014