2014 Gig Twenty Two: Adelaide Fringe

This was a long day.  I had a bit of media to attend with interviews for ABC radio, Nova FM and Fresh FM.  All three provided different logistical hurdles.  From where I am staying the ABC is slightly awkward.  Nova had the computers go down behind the scenes so I had to record over the phone in the studio.  Fresh FM was running behind time so I shared my time with Lindsay Webb.  The last one was actually the best denouement of the day as that provided some fun for the two of us. Once all that was sorted I had some time to kill in the city so it was off for a bite to eat and some alone time to go over my notes.  It is still early on in the piece so I like to sit down and write down every "bit" from the show as a one word reminder.  At the moment the list of words would be around 25.  On Monday it was up around 33.  By the end of Adelaide I'd like to have it down to the mid teens.  By the final week of Melbourne I'll hopefully just have it at one word.  It has been a routine I've kept for a number of years and one that I feel very comfortable with.


Before we get into the show a couple of things I love about Adelaide.  Firstly this:



When lining up for public transport Adelaide people love an orderly line.


Melbourne people who like to catch the tram can take a lesson from the above. Yes you can make fun of them but I don't want to stab anyone when I walk off public transport here.  In Melbourne I have to fight the urge to not hip and shoulder people as they crowd the entrance.  First world problems? Yes, I live in the first world.  If I couldn't find food and was being attacked by pirates that would be third world problems. Anyway well played Adelaide.

These next photos aren't just the type of thing you would find here but they've both made me laugh for two different reasons.  Adelaide has a state election coming up so there is plenty of advertising around for the different parties.


So simple yet so effective.  Yes, it is childish but it makes me laugh.


Worst X-Men comic ever.


The little things that amuse when you're walking around town.


The set list was the usual:


Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994


Four nights in and this was media night.  You can't control what people write about you but what you can control is your performance.  In the end as long as you're happy with what you put out there then you can approach the reviews knowing you did your best.  Of course you'd love a great review.  Not just for ego but because a great review can help with ticket sales which in turn gives you a good chance of turning a profit. Festivals are so expensive (you have to pay registration, posters, flyers, flights, adverts etc) that you can understand why performers lose their minds over bad reviews or ever worst indifferent reviews.  A bad review can sometimes work in your favour. The best example of this was when American comedian Eddie Ifft put out a show entitled "What Women Don't Want To Hear".  Helen Razer went along and gave him a one star review.  This was the perfect review for Eddie.  If Helen hates a show about what women supposedly don't want to hear audiences were then intrigued.  If Helen had really wanted to hurt Eddie she would have given him a three star review and said, "It was okay, just a little boring". Of course Helen is a professional and gave her honest review...but it was a godsend for Ifft.

I have no idea what type of reviews I'll receive but I was happy with the show.  There was something interesting going on with the performance though.  A couple of times in the show I left out pieces of material that were intrinsic to the narrative arc.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I felt no panic over this and found moments later in the story where I could re-insert these routines without breaking the narrative. Nobody in the audience would have noticed (except for maybe my techie who has to sit through every show the poor thing) and I took a lot of confidence away from these mistakes in realising that I am pretty in control of the story and the arcs.

So all up another good show and a sold out one to boot.  I have been terribly chuffed at the people coming out to see the show.  I was a little uncertain if people would remember me here or even be interested but the full houses have made me very happy and given me a nice boost.  Hopefully the reviews will support this and help keep the momentum going into the weekend and the second week.

Of course if I receive indifferent reviews well then who cares, nobody reads them anymore anyway.  Right?  Right.


Justin Hamilton

7th of March, 2014