2014 Gig Five: The Comic's Lounge

On Friday night when I took a photo of the wall of comedians in the green room for my previous blog.  On the night I didn't look closely at who was up there on the wall. When I returned last night I was sitting out the back and noticed this picture of the Dickster:  

The Dickster:  R.I.P.


I had performed with the Dickster early in the new millennium, more often than not around the Sydney scene.  We had very different approaches to our comedy with quite contrasting styles but he was always nice to me especially while I was just finding my way around the city.  A couple of times we chatted late into the night about comedy in general and shared taxis after gigs.  I found out that he recently died from cancer and even though I hadn't seen him in a long time I am saddened by his passing.  He was a real character and the scene has lost a unique voice.

I was back at the Lounge continuing to work on the one routine while getting back into performance shape.  From the previous night I decided that my I Stopped A Fight story had a tangent that was derailing the routine a little.  Performing stories with tangents in smaller rooms are a little easier to control because you have less people to perform to but when the room is well over 400 people deep you have to keep your jokes concise and your sets up a little clearer.  I decided to edit out the tangent and see how that worked instead.  The set list for last night was as follows:


Country Folk vs Inner City Living

I Stopped A Fight


I threw in the Country Folk...routine to flesh out the set because I wasn't 100% certain how long the Fight story would last now.  I'm glad I did because all up the set lasted 7 minutes and I think without the extra routine the set might have felt slightly short.  I was also glad that I took out the tangent because just getting straight to the point made the routine so much tighter.  What I will do now is take the tangent and put it aside for the time being.  I like the jokes in it but maybe it can turn into something else like a bigger routine or maybe it will slot into another piece and feel more at home.  It wasn't a bad idea but it just didn't have much reason for being in this story.

There isn't much to report as this night was just me tinkering with a set we've already talked about.  I will say that in the performance I left out a sentence early that weakened a joke toward the end.  I accidentally left out this sentence because it came straight after the where tangent once was and I was too eager to get on with the story. These things happen and I'm not going to beat myself up too much.  I doubt anyone would have noticed but it is something for me to remember next time I perform that piece.

I was definitely glad that I booked in these open mic spots because it helped fast track a process that will hold me in good stead for my shows in Tasmania this Thursday and Friday.  Every gig can help especially if you go into them with specific goals and that first week of shows has definitely felt like it has done some good.  I know I am feeling better today than I did on Tuesday.  With the opportunity to perform the new solo show in Hobart and Launceston this week I feel like I'll have a much better idea of where I'm at by next weekend.


Justin Hamilton

12th of January, 2014

Fitzroy North