Gig 155: Footscray Park New Year's Celebration

There was one final gig for 2013.  I was the host of the City of Maribyrnong New Year's Eve celebrations.  With a turn out that came very close to 6,000 people it was a big gig. I was the host who kept things moving between the bands that were on.  No real place to perform stand up but a receptive audience that appeared to enjoy my throw away remarks (eg "Many people keep coming side of stage asking where the fireworks will take place.  I feel fairly confident in saying it will be happening in the sky".)  The bands for the night were:  

The ReChords and Swing Patrol Dancers

Public Opinion Afro Orchestra

Vika and Linda Bull

Bjorn Again


This night lead to me taking this photo to the entrance to my tent:


This is who I shared a tent with.  Bingo!


You know you've made it when you find yourself under Bjorn Again.

I was going to write more but it is new year's day and I figure if I'm going to take any day off it should be this one.  Suffice to say it was weird, fun and a good earner.  Hope you're all having a good new year's day and I'll be back with more blogs early next week.  Until then...


Justin Hamilton

1st of January, 2014

Fitzroy North