Gig 154: Arkaba Hotel

Yesterday was my second to last gig for the year and it coincided with the Adelaide Comedy Awards.  The awards are an initiative put together by Adelaide Comedy promoter Craig Egan and are meant to help bring together the community to celebrate what has taken place throughout the year.  I think early on in the awards history the Adelaide based comedians were skeptical of the awards and didn't treat them with enough respect.  They would wander onstage and with a certain insouciance react indifferently in an attempt to be a bit too cool.  The awards aren't meant to be cool. They're meant to be a reward for good work.  The awards only mean as much as you're willing to put into them.  Yesterday it was great to see that the new breed of Adelaide comedians appeared to be suitably chuffed with their awards and it was especially nice to see someone like Fabien Clark embrace being voted the "Adelaide Comedian of the Year". For my part I just wanted to contribute a good time to the proceedings.  Earlier I had decided I would perform some of my favourite material from the year but right before I was brought onstage I changed my mind and performed a new piece that I have been working on.  The set list was as simple as:


I Stopped A Fight


Fabien Clark proudly displays his award.


There was no aim on my behalf except to have a good time.  This is officially my final stand up gig for the year with a straight hosting job on New Year's Eve my proper final show for 2013.  It was a fun night with all the acts doing a great job on the night, Dave Callan was on song and dance as host, Fleety was back to his Fleety best and the bands after the show did a great job.  It was a fun night.

Not really a lot to add to this.  A nice way to end the year and I think the new material is in a good place for 2014.  At this point I'm guessing the blog will return next year after all the great feedback from you the readers.  Until then have a great Xmas and a messy yet safe New Year's Eve.


Justin Hamilton

23rd of December, 2013