Gig 151: The Rhino Room

Well it is fair to say this gig was less exciting than the previous night and I for one was pretty stoked with that. With a smaller crowd at an earlier start time, last night's gig gave us plenty of time to play around with new material in front of an audience that was smart, articulate, engaged and not full of arseholes up the back.  If you're wondering what I'm talking about you can check the story out here.

We had two halves and I worked on a lot of the newer material I have been honing the last month or so.  The set lists were the following:


Set List One

Previous Night Ad Lib

I Stopped A Fight


Set List Two

Thinking About Kids

"I Don't Give A Hoot!"

Hurting For No Reason

New Grey Hair

I'll Neck Myself

Imagine I Might Be A Bad Dad

Destroying Right On Guy

Paul and Basic Instinct



Fleety was one of the guests for the Saturday afternoon show.



The material that I have chosen to work with of late are routines that thematically fit in with next year's festival show "Johnny Loves Mary Forever 1994".  You can buy tickets for the Adelaide Fringe season here.  The initial work on this show began with me throwing a lot of ideas around and I had the belief that the theme of the show would be legacy.  Over the past couple of months I have felt this idea has changed.  I sat down with my director for the first time and he too had noticed this idea of legacy didn't quite fit and now there is something else starting to poke through all the routines. Have a look at the above and see if you can catch a hint of what it might be.

I'm working with good friend Declan Fay on the new show.  I hadn't worked with a director for the past three years and I was up for some collaboration.  Declan and I share a love of Breaking Bad, the decline of the Labor Party, anything by David Simon including an ongoing passion for Treme, everything about Paul Keating including his flaws, classic Aussie rock music, tangents in conversations and obscure articles about past artists that details their rise, fall, return, death etc.  Declan was the perfect person to sit down with and have help me mould this show into something I will hopefully be proud of.  Having taken a year off from the festivals I am itching to go and want to produce a show that is not only the best show I have in me but also something that helps make a break from the past (specifically the shows that were bookended by "Three Colours Hammo" and "The Goodbye Guy").  Hence all the work onstage at the moment is leading toward the new show.

Not much to report apart from that.  Only a few more shows to go for the year and hopefully a couple of days in the new year before everything starts again in early January. This blog covering a year of gigs was going to finish with the final show of the year but I'm thinking it might continue into next year.  Let me know if you'd like to continue reading these ramblings from an idiot comedian traversing the comedy scene.


Justin Hamilton

15th of December, 2013