Gig 149: The Shelf

The final edition of The Shelf for 2013 had the following line up:  

Hannah Gadsby

Lawrence Mooney

Peter Helliar

Cal Wilson

Charlie Pickering

Claire Hooper

Ronny Chieng

Justin Hamilton

Adam Richard


Tegan Higginbotham

Kate McLennan

Wes Snelling

Luke McGregor

Rob Hunter

Anne Edmonds

Adam Rozenbachs


Big show, right?  The Christmas show is slowly becoming the behemoth that takes on a life of its own and to be honest I was cooked.  I had a number of odd jobs I had to sort during the day and didn't arrive at The Toff in Town until when the doors open.  Luckily Adam Richard, Jodi Crocker, Tegan Higginbotham and our sound man Jase sorted everything out before the show began.  I've always believed that you should walk away form something while it is successful and last night proved to me that I am not needed for this show anymore.  That is a sign of everything working, when it becomes bigger than the individual.  One of my favourite moments in Adelaide was a young girl telling me all about the Rhino Room and how she'd never missed a show there and I should try and get on one day.  She had no idea I had started that night and curated it through many a Fringe festival (and a one off Adelaide Comedy Festival with Charlie Pickering before the Fringe went annual).  While everyone around me was horrified I thought it was actually pretty cool.  We have the MICF season next year and then I'll make a decision if it is time to pass it on or shut it down for a while.  Leave them wanting more people, never outstay your welcome.

My set list consisted of one story last night:


I Stopped A Fight


This was a brand new story that happened to me in King's Cross after my solo show in Sydney.  I had planned on it being a one off story but it seemed to have some good legs and so I might do more with it.  I also played around with the structure before the show as I wasn't entirely certain I wanted to tell a completely linear tale.  I was relatively happy with the structure and I think there might be something else to it.  I have trial shows over the next two nights so I will give it a go there.  I don't know if it will fit into my solo show for next year or maybe it will be new club material.  I'll have to wait and see.

This was a great way to finish the season and with only a handful of gigs to come for the year (including one on NYE!) I feel like this was my proper goodbye for 2013. Everything else after this will be cameos, trial shows or helping out.  This has been a big year and with my pilot "Stand Ups Sit Down" appearing this Friday (Comedy Channel 9pm folks!) and I'm filming my first story for The Project this Sunday there are enough exciting projects to allow me to now concentrate on some new writing etc.

Thanks to everyone who came and supported The Shelf all year and a bit thank you to all the comedians who performed last night.  I felt like it was one of the best and worthy of a packed house.


Our final audience for 2013.



Justin Hamilton

3rd of December, 2013

Fitzroy North