Gig 147: Comedy Fight Club

I started off the night with another trial show down at Caz Reitops, sharing the bill with the wonderful Frank Woodley.  Both of us performed for about 30 odd minutes and worked on either new material or new ideas.  I have mentioned before that I put aside my Afghanistan material for nearly five months because I felt that it might have been feeling slick on stage it was possibly losing the most interesting aspects of the story. There are quieter parts to the tale that I think are much more compelling but not necessarily going to be conducive to a more raucous pub gig.  At The Comic's Lounge last week I performed the material as I knew it to get that rhythm back and then at the trial show I pulled it apart and inserted the more interesting stories.  I am much happier with the routine now and think it has retained the funny while being exponentially more interesting.  Fingers crossed anyway! After the trial show I wandered down Gertrude Street to Comedy Fight Club run by Neil Sinclair.  I hadn't performed at this gig before but immediately liked the feel of the room even before punters arrived.  Check this out:


The room feels like a cross between a scene from Blade Runner and the Breathe film clip starring The Prodigy.


I decided I would use the majority of material from the opening of The Shelf on Monday night with a few little edits to make it a bit shorter.  On Monday my opening came in at 16 minutes and I wanted to get it closer to 12 mins for this room.  Here are the set lists for both halves:


Set List One

Thinking About Kids

“I Don’t Give A Hoot!”

Hushed Angry Conversation

Hurting For No Reason

New Grey Hair

Maybe I Want A Child

Imagine I Might Be A Bad Dad

Destroying Right On Guy

Paul and Basic Instinct


Set List Two



My routine "Homeowners" is one of my favourites to perform and originally appeared in my show "Idiot Man Child".  This is the only show I've ever officially released on iTunes and you can find it here.  There are so many diversions and fun pieces to perform within this routine and yet it is one that fell out of my repertoire quite a while ago.  I think (without having looked over my previous blogs) this might be only the second time I have performed this piece this year.  I guess because it is a longer routine it either needs to be found in a headline spot or you have to be really confident that it will be enough as a piece on its own.

The show that originates from is one that I don't look back upon that fondly.  I have often referred to it as my "Let's Dance", a show that sold better than any of my previous shows (up until "The Goodbye Guy") yet didn't really leave me with a lot for my soul.  Yet looking back on that show it is full of rock solid routines that I ended up performing for a number of years in clubs in Australia and abroad.  In a moment of coincidence I have recently been listening to Bowie's "Let's Dance" quite a lot in the past week and have also re-evaluated this album, enjoying it completely for what it is and not disparaging it for what it isn't.

I was feeling a little tired after a few days of manic work and the trial show but I thoroughly enjoyed Neil's room.  It is one that I will gladly return to whether it is as a host or to work on new material.  I will also do anything to have a room open and be successful in neighbourhood as there is nothing nicer than being able to walk home after a show.


Justin Hamilton

29th of November, 2013

Potts Point