Gig 144: The Comic's Lounge

This was more like it! I wasn't particularly happy with my performance on Wednesday night at the Lounge and was keen to return to the stage to rectify this.  On the Thursday though I was unable to return to the Lounge as I was a guest on the live recording of the Splendid Chaps podcast starring Ben McKenzie, John Richards and Petra Elliott.  This podcast revolves around Doctor Who and this episode in particular focused on Matt Smith who I think might perform my favourite portrayal of the Doctor.  Here's a photo of John and one of the guests:


This Dalek turned out to be rubbish at stand up, all hack and an inability to read the room.


This was a fun night and probably ended up being a good way to get back on track.  I still wasn't feeling great but I had at the very least a good low energy event to get back into a groove.  With no job other than to be a guest and talk Who I was pretty much in seventh (or should that be eleventh?) heaven.

Last night I was back at the Lounge and as the host had a good 15-20 minute chunk of time right up the top of the show.  Check the set list out:


First Bracket

Country Folk vs Inner City Living

Turning 41 Is A Bit Shitter

Girl On The Tram

Phone or Stairs

Invite To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Performed for the Troops

"Hey, Be Careful!"

March on ANZAC Day

Code Alert

Doctor Karl and Ben Gillies

Soldiers Are Funny:  Chook

Nervous Because of Documentaries

Suicide Bomber in Kabul

Camp Taliban

Afghanistan:  Worst Sentence Ever

Bronzing Up


Second Bracket

Gym Story

Hairy Baby

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Watching Movies Out Of Context


Third Bracket

Glitter in Invitations

People Wearing Your Glasses



In the lead up to the gig I listened to some of the material I had recorded while up at the Sit Down Comedy Club just to get the vibe of the material back on track.  I was also feeling better and had a lot more energy onstage.  Often when I haven't been happy with a gig I have failed to smile more onstage and this was something I deliberately set out to do in my opening set.  I know when I smile onstage the material is lent a certain type of bounce and has a cheekier air about it.  If I don't smile some of my material can come across as a little angry and it is a part of my performance I have to stay on top of.

The audience was also great.  From the first joke I could tell they were collectively focused on the gig and this meant there was a lot more ad libbing from all of the acts that were performing.  There were no dull patches and it felt like the whole show really belted along.  It has been great seeing Luke McGregor progress as a stand up as well.  He's nailed the two gigs I've watched so far and it was a pleasure to see him after the show being praised by many punters on their way out for the night.  Dave Thornton has also been killing as the head line act and with Richard Marks opening it has been a nice mellow feel backstage.


Luke McGregor has been killing it at the Lounge.



I am slowly reworking the Afghanistan material into a different shape and I think I am getting there slowly.  While it might sound similar to how I was performing it earlier in the year, I am slowly placing in the routine new pieces that will help flesh it out for the solo show.  I still haven't told the full Kabul story yet but I think I'll attempt that at my next trial show.

I'm back at the Lounge tonight, then it is time for the Shelf on Monday and my solo show in Sydney on Friday.  It is a big week of gigs and it was nice to get back on track last night. I hate not being at my best and I feel like I wasted an opportunity to improve on Wednesday night.  Last night felt like there was definitely improvement within a great night of stand up.


Justin Hamilton

23rd of Nov, 2013

Fitzroy North