Gig 140: Sit Down Comedy Club

The last couple of nights have produced a different type of buzz after the gig.  It is exciting to craft a new headline spot and feel it slowly coming together.  It might not be perfect and it might also not be as slick as your previous headline set list.  Yet it is because of the imperfection that it can be a lot more exciting.  While you're onstage you're constantly attempting to stay one step ahead of the new material, doing your best to gauge the reaction on any given joke at any given time.  When you walk offstage after one of these gigs and it has been successful, I'm not certain there is any buzz like it. Last night at the Sit Down Comedy Club, we had a much bigger audience and you could tell they had come along with a good spirit.  The buzz at the beginning of the show was so much more infectious than the previous night and the audience never wavered throughout the night.


This was the set list:


Country Folk vs Inner City Living

Performed for the Troops

"Hey, Be Careful!"

March on ANZAC Day

Soldiers Are Funny:  Chook

Robbo/Robbsy Riff

Code Alert

Suicide Bomber in Kabul

Camp Taliban

Doctor Karl and Ben Gillies

Buzz Might Be Batman

Pepper Sprayed

"Nobody Knows Who We Are, Right?"

Nervous Because of Documentaries

Buzz After the Gig

Afghanistan:  Worst Sentence Ever

Bronzing Up

Turning 41 Is A Bit Shitter

Girl On The Tram

New Grey Hair

Hurting For No Reason

Phone or Stairs

Losing Patience

"I Don't Give A Hoot!"

Hispanic At The Disco

Offending Somebody

Masturbating Fetus

Mozart and Mrs Hitler

Invite To Parties

Fix Your Flaws

Make-A-Wish Kid


There was a little more talking to the crowd at this gig and I've enjoyed bringing a little bit of that back to my gig.  I haven't been doing a lot of it but I had forgotten the thrill of talking to someone and not knowing how it was going to pan out.  In any conversation with the audience you can lose the audience and bring them right back with any sentence. It is fun to call a situation for what it is and then attempt to traverse the terrain that it suddenly produces.


Mick Neven as seen from the furthest point from the stage.


I've had a slight idea of how the show will play out the past two nights but for the most part the Afghanistan story decided to make a splash on Thursday pretty much independently of any thoughts I'd had on the matter.  It worked well Thursday night so I figured I would use that again on the Friday.  What I've been attempting to work on this week is the talking the material through, pulling back some of the performance and trying to find as many jokes as I can find in the subject.  It seems to have worked quite well the past two nights and I feel that it has been an improvement on the past two months of gigs.

I'm also finding a new way into the "Mrs Hitler" routine that I can tell is leaving a few people aghast.  Personally I don't find it that shocking but I can see where certain members of the audience might find it a bit confrontational.  That is okay, I'm fine with that but I figure if I can make it work at a regular night of comedy then I should be fine for the gigs where people come to see me specifically.  That is the idea anyway.  Now the process is about honing it and making it as bullet proof as possible so it works in nearly every situation.

Tonight will be a little more of the same, I'll try to change up the middle a bit to trial some new ideas but it has been a very productive run of shows.  It is nice to feel that some improvement has been made after what I would look back on as a slower couple of months where I did my job but possibly even out a little in the process.


Justin Hamilton

9th of November, 2013