Gig 139: Sit Down Comedy Club

It was a smaller audience at the Sit Down Comedy Club and I saw this as an opportunity to work on the new material.  The good thing about a smaller crowd is that they're for the most part more malleable, you can take your time and have fun with your material. Thursday nights at the Paddo are consistently the smallest audience of the run and I like to take advantage of this and play with new material or lesser performed routines.  I can never remember who said this quote (and I'm certain I'm paraphrasing) but it goes like this:  "Our desire to kill in front of 80 people stifles our ability to kill in front of 800." With just under 80 in the audience I had this quote in mind and decided to do something about it. This here is the set list.  For anyone new to the blog anything in bold is being said for the first time onstage.


Country Folk vs Inner City Living

Performed for the Troops

"Hey, Be Careful!"

March on ANZAC Day

Code Alert

Doctor Karl and Ben Gillies

Suicide Bomber in Kabul 

Camp Taliban

Soldiers Are Funny:  Robbo and Chook

Buzz Might Be Batman

Nervous Because of Documentaries

Afghanistan:  Worst Sentence Ever

Bronzing Up

Turning 41 Is A Bit Shitter

Girl On The Tram

Hurting For No Reason

Phone or Stairs

No Interest In New Friends

"I Don't Give a Hoot!"

Hispanic at the Disco

Offending Somebody

Masturbating Fetus

Mozart and Mrs Hitler

Maybe I Want a Child

Hushed Angry Conversation

My 18 Year Old Son

I'll Neck Myself 

Destroying Right On Guy

Paul and Basic Instinct

Make-A-Wish Comedian


Ting Lim had an excellent set in one of the support slots.


As you can see there are a lot of titles but I would say that over time they could be reduced to one heading.  As an example all the little bits that make up the story about performing in Afghanistan could over the next few months be reduced to one subject heading like "Afghanistan Story" that takes up about 20 minutes.  On the topic of Afghanistan, this was material that was performed earlier in the year and while I was over at the Perth Comedy Festival I realised I would like to perform it at the festivals the following year.  Since then I have essentially shut down that material for the year so I could tackle it again around now.  This also inspired me to talk about it with fresh energy and find some new angles in the material.  There is one particular story that I like a lot but it isn't full of laughs.  I hadn't told this story in the clubs because it wasn't punchy enough but it would make a great festival story so I've held that back as well.  I didn't try that particular story last night but I wanted to get a feel for where I was at with the Afghanistan story and was pretty happy with where it is at.

I recorded the spot and had a listen back this morning, a habit I'm slowly getting better at.  There were some good ideas in the second half of the set and a couple of jokes that felt a bit flat.  One in particular about "Mrs Hitler" feels funny to me but I think it is going to need more context, more set up for me to get away with what I have to say there. It makes me laugh so I will give it a few more goes.  The audience was pretty good last night but was also a little conservative with some topics so I didn't lose any faith in some of them thinking, "That wasn't right".  A bit of that type of humour can be fun.  Having said that they laughed hard at the "I'll Neck Myself" routine so you can't be too harsh on them!

It was an excellent night to work on different material and have fun with a small but invested audience.  Performing craves constant improvement and when you have an opportunity to work on your set and skills you should always take it.  Listening back I could hear what worked, what needed some boosting and what I need to cut back on ("Do you know what I mean?"-ugh!) before tonight's show.  It was also a relief to be onstage for 40 minutes and not relying on any of the material that has been the backbone of my set for this year.  If you're in Brisbane and have nothing to do tonight, come down to the Paddo, I'll be working on some stuff you might enjoy.


Justin Hamilton

8th of November, 2013