Gig 135: The Comedy Store

A long day yesterday that included meetings in the morning, a long lunch with a manager, guesting on a podcast and recording another "Can You Take This Photo Please?" with a certain radio star.  Then it was straight into the Comedy Store to watch Wil Anderson work his second trial show. I have to say it has been pretty amazing watching these two shows over the past couple of nights.  I know for a fact that Wil has hit the stage with nothing prepared and it has been fun watching him weave a show out of just talking to the audience.  From there he bounces through ideas and if you've ever wondered what it would be like to watch a comedian write then this is the best opportunity you'll get.  Every idea that comes to mind is worth running with and then once it is mined for all its worth it is then time to move on to the next audience member.  I couldn't help but wonder what that process would be like for me.  I've never attempted to talk to the audience to come up with ideas but it seems like a fun and terrifying idea.  Maybe when I'm back in Adelaide at the end of the year it might be a fun idea to try at the safety of The Rhino Room?  I don't know how good I'd be so we'll keep it to a one off at this need to hurt a bunch of people over many nights if I'm crashing and burning at every show.

After the show finished I then had the pleasure of watching one of my favourite backstage pass times:  Wil taking someone aside that he likes and giving them advice. Is it hard to picture what that might look like?  Then check this out:


Wil gives Nick Cody some advice.


This is all from Wil's new podcast "Wil's Drive By Advice:  Green Room Edition".  I have to point out that Nick was not trapped and was up for the chat, it just made such a great photo that I couldn't resist.


My set list was this:


Turning 40

Invite to Parties

Tripping and Farting

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Watching Movies Out of Context


This night was more fun that last night.  Thursday night's audience appeared to lack a unified response to the comedy.  While a pocket over one side laughed another pocket just sat back.  Then when you made that pocket laugh another pocket dipped out.  This happens sometimes and there is not a lot you can do about it.  Last night they all seemed to be working together and thinking along the same lines so the laughter was a collective roar that inspired all the acts.

I think the highlight of the week for me has been watching Tom Ballard work new material from Monday night all the way to this week.  He's an astute young man who has a masterful control of his act that is outrageous considering he is essentially five years old.  I speak metaphorically of course (especially for anyone from overseas who is sitting their slack jawed at a five year not only being great at stand up but also have the presence of mind to work up some "new" for their act) but the calmness he exhibits onstage is beyond his years.

Corey White and Becky Lucas have also been stand outs for me, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching them all perform in different rooms throughout the week.  There is some great new talent bubbling up through the scene and I find it inspiring.  I'm going to have to stay on my toes to keep ahead of these young punks who are well on their way.


Justin Hamilton

26th of October, 2013