Gig 128: The Comedy Store and Gig 129: Just For Laughs Gala

A big day yesterday. First of all this was being made:


Work began early and finished around mid afternoon.


This is one of the projects I've been hinting about here and in my podcast "Can You Take This Photo Please?"  Yesterday we flimed and once I have the airing date confirmed I'll give you some more information.  I will say this:  if you have a Foxtel subscription and you're a fan of Australian comedy then you'll be into this.  Big thanks to The Comedy Store for letting us shoot there for the day.

Then it was down to the Opera House to go through a quick rehearsal for the "Just For Laughs" gala and then back to The Comedy Store to watch Greg Fleet perform. Fleety banged out an hour of material for his one off gig and then it was time for the regular show to begin.  I was on first because I had to be back at the Opera House by 9.30pm so with an 8.30pm start my job was to keep it tight.


The set list for the Store was:


Turning 40

Invite to Parties

No Need to Share All Your Opinions

Glitter in Invitations

Watching Movies Out of Context


This was an 8 minute spot and that is a bizarre amount of time to be onstage.  I'm used to 5 mins, 7 mins and 10 mins but this is an amount of time I'm not used to at all.  I know it might seem like I'm splitting hairs on a couple of minutes but when you're onstage you generally have a feel for how long you've been performing.  Like the previous night when I was over, I had missed the red light to tell me to wind up so I launched into some extra material thinking time was on my side.  Halfway through that last routine though I could feel something was quite right, that I was in fact over my limit and once I was off stage I found out from the tech I was indeed about 4 minutes out.  What I found pleasantly surprising was that 8 minutes is quite enough time to squeeze in some extra routines I wasn't expecting.

This was a much better gig than yesterday although I continue to feel a little rusty. There's a possibility I hit them a bit hard when I hit the stage but that could be me being a little hyper critical.  If you've had a gig in a venue that you're not entirely happy with you're best bet is to perform there again as soon as possible. That is why the last gig of a run can taint a whole experience if it is something less than fantastic. The last gig is the one that remains prevalent in the memory no matter how much success you had into the lead up.

I was out the door while the second act was onstage.  Fleety joined me and we traveled to the Opera House which I managed to make with plenty of time up my sleeve.  This was the view as we arrived:


Pretty cool, right?


I still get a kick out of performing at the Opera House and especially since that last time I was there was barely two weeks ago when I hosted the comic panel with guests Grant Morrison, Dave McKean and Len Wein.  Good times!  I was on right in the middle of the "Just For Laughs" gala so I had plenty of time to prepare.  My set list for the gala was:


Turning 40

Invite to Parties

Hairy Baby

Breaking Up Through History

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Watching Movies Out of Context


I had a slightly different set worked out with the crew before I hit the stage but once up there I noticed the audience was a lot younger than I expected.  I decided to throw in some tighter material in the middle and finish with routines that they could relate to more.  My manager had suggested not to mention pop culture references as they immediately date your set but my instincts were to go with something the room would appreciate more.  I don't know if this will in fact date the set for TV but I guess we'll find out over time.

The rest of the show was excellent and finished with famed American improvisors Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood.  I'd say the only disappointment for the day was not finding an opportunity to meet both of them.  There were so many people at the Gala that I knew that my time was taken up talking to them.  It ended up being a late night that finished with these guys:


Peter Helliar, Luke McGregor and for once I wasn't taking the photo...thanks Ronny Chieng.


That is a great way to end your day.


Justin Hamilton

18th of October, 2013

Vaucluse, NSW