Gig 125: Floriade

Another great gig at Floriade that differed a little from the previous night.  To the untrained eye you would have thought that both gigs received the exact same reaction but Cal Wilson and I were chatting afterward and agreed there were some subtle differences. Before I get into that though I thought you might like to see some photos taken from the night.  The festival produced some beautiful presentations and it was quite remarkable walking the grounds at night taking in one gorgeous site after another.  In particular the section of the gardens that had lasers bouncing amongst the foliage was quite intoxicating.  Young children who walked in there were bouncing with delight and I could understand exactly how they felt.  Personally I was imagining that I was on the set of David Bowie's "Heroes" film clip so you can imagine I felt right at home.  Check out the photos below.







Pretty amazing, right?  Unfortunately I don't have a whizz bang type of camera so these are just from my iPhone but hopefully it gives you some feel for it.  Cal and I were joking that we had to take little steps as it felt like you were about to walk face first into beams of light, easily forgetting that they were harmless.

The gig was once again great.  Elle was a very good host who helped focus the audience. Matt Okine did an excellent job as the first comedian off the rank and set the tone of the night with effortless ease.  I enjoyed my set but did find some interesting differences from the previous night.  My set list was as follows:


Partying During the Week

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite to Parties

Hairy Baby

Fix Your Flaws

Being an Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Gym Story

Breaking Up Through the Ages

Tripping and Farting

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Watching Movies Out of Context

Glitter in Invitations

People Wearing Your Glasses



There was a subtle difference with this audience.  Whereas the previous night the crowd was just totally into the gig, there was something slightly more discerning about this audience.  On the one hand they felt slightly sharper than the night before.  They enjoyed the subtle jokes and smaller routines but there was other material that they didn't seem to care for as much.  It felt like they enjoyed the higher concept material and if a joke was just straight out funny it wasn't quite for them.  This didn't bother me.  I enjoy the differences in audiences.  It is what makes our jobs exciting and fun.  If they were always exactly the same then you would soon fall into a very lazy style of performance. The ebbs and flows are what help to make it a craft.


This is from the back of the room, you can barely see Cal onstage.


Once again we were treated extremely well and really looked after.  I have close friends who live in Canberra so it was also a good night for me to not only have them at the gig but spend some time with them after the show.  Tomorrow is an early flight to Melbourne and then a full day of podcast recording before putting the final touches on one of my projects.  Before I finish up this blog I thought you might like some more photos from the festival.








I thought it was all quite lovely.  I loved watching the colours wash over the flowers and cannot begin to imagine how much work went into making this festival come together like this.  It was something that I wish the Garden of Unearthly Delights would add when the Adelaide Fringe returns next year.  Something beautiful might help to cancel out the rougher elements that can litter the Fringe and remind people that while they're there for a good time, they're also there to experience art in all it's formats.

One last photo then I'm off to bed.


Cal in the distance protected by her army of gnomes.


This was a great way to spend a weekend and I'm pretty chuffed to have been a part of it.


Justin Hamilton

29th of September, 2013