Gig 122: Five Boroughs

Last night I hosted Five Boroughs for one of the biggest stars on the Australian circuit, the irresistible Jimeoin.  It is amazing after all these years how he has maintained a level of popularity that is almost second to none.  Carl Barron and Wil Anderson do massive numbers all over the country and when Judith Lucy puts together a new show she sells somewhere close to 97% capacity.  (Jesus shit!) Including your Adam Hills and Dave Hughes (not to mention the new breed that are starting to draw in the massive crowds, right Ronny Chieng?), these acts are destined to draw big crowds wherever they play. Yet Jim brings in similar if not bigger numbers and has done so for a loooooong time.  His career has been a shrewd one and the cleverness with how often he tours alongside TV appearances etc has allowed Jim to never outstay his welcome and always generate excitement when he does appear. I headed into Five Boroughs with a game plan for what I wanted out of the gig.  If you read the previous two blogs you would be across what the game plan was.  Basically I have revived an old routine that I am enjoying playing with for either more use later or to strip mine some of the concepts and update them.  It is fun to go back over old material and see if you still feel the same or maybe you might be inspired to write something new off the back of it because you just don't agree with that sentiment anymore.  When I arrived at the gig and saw how big the line up for tickets was I decided that my goals were secondary and threw them out of the window.  The three set lists read as:


Set List One

Partying During the Week

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite to Parties

Hairy Baby


Set List Two

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Watching Movies Out of Context

Glitter in Invitations

People Wearing Your Glasses



Set List Three

Tripping and Farting



As you can see from this gig  that lady on the right really sat in the wrong place.


This was a night that needed a host that was going to keep it tight.  Due to the fact there were so many people at the gig we started a little later that normal (there was nothing logistically that could be done about this) so my job was to get in, set up the night, hit hard and keep it rolling.  The last thing a night like this needed was a host doing material between the acts.  The audience was amazing, they were bang up for the show so a gentle massaging of the night was the correct way to approach this.

It was a fantastic line up that included Tommy Little, Geraldine Hickey, Danny McGinlay and Ryan Coffey.  Everybody killed and I was talking to Karl Chandler after the gig (Karl produces the night) talking about how much I enjoyed all the different flavours each comedian presented.  Five Boroughs has long been one of my favourite Melbourne gigs and I enjoy the versatility of the room.  One week I'll be able to come down and work on some new material, the following week it is time for the polished routines since it is a packed, mainstream audience.  Not many rooms can boast that type of versatility and it is one that shouldn't be underestimated.

As you can imagine Jim stormed it at the end of the night and the packed audience would have returned home happy with the couple of hours of entertainment they received.  I fly to Western Australia today so it was a good way to finish this week's run in Melbourne. Next stop is Karratha and then back to Adelaide to enjoy some birthday time with the family.


Justin Hamilton

13th of September, 2013

Fitzroy North