Gig 105: The Comic's Lounge

Another shorter entry due to my cold. Last night's gig was fantastic, one of my favourites for the year.  That is definitely saying something considering I was finding it very difficult to get my rhythm onstage since I couldn't breathe through my nose.  Quick breaths to fill the lungs to deliver routines was the way to go for the night.  Luckily the audience was so good I could feed off their energy and roll through the show and still have a lot of fun. This audience was the opposite to the two dudes sitting at the front table on Wednesday night who were a black hole sucking all the charisma and energy out of the gig.  This audience was great.

The set list once again didn't deviate too much:


Set List One

Partying During the Week

Hen's Night

Mount Isa

Country Gigs

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Hairy Baby

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke


Set List Two

Gym Story

Breaking Up Through History

Glitter in Invitations

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

People Wearing Your Glasses

Watching Movies Out of Context



Set List Three

Tripping and Farting




Just a great show.  The audience reached all the way to the back of the room stacked up against the bar and when I walked down to watch the acts I noticed everybody was held captive by what was happening on the stage.  Michael Workman has really had a great week in the support slot and Tom Gleeson proves yet again why he's one of the best comedians in the country at the moment.  His set is full of interesting insight, a little bit of danger and chock full of jokes.  It really has been a master class.

I knew how much fun I was having as I shifted jokes around from their normal order in the middle bracket.  It was fun to be able to pick and choose which order I would play the jokes breaking the subtle cadence they normally have when in their normal order.  I think it meant that I performed each piece better having to think about what was coming next instead of relying on the what normally happens.

I'm off back to bed now.  There is plenty of work to be done before tomorrow night's opening of Season 7 of The Shelf (tickets are nearly sold out but you might be lucky if you click on here) so best I get on top of everything.


Justin Hamilton

4th of August, 2013

Fitzroy North