Gig 99: The Rhino Room

Another packed show and another fun gig.  I was uncertain about the 5.30pm start for the gig but have to admit that once it was done it was very exciting to find you're finished work for the night by 8pm.  Brilliant!  Also the great thing about performing inside rooms that are blacked out is that it still feels like a late night.  Not only did I get to be a part of a great show but I also had time to head down to Jive on Hindley Street to see the Transatlantics.  


The show at the Rhino Room was another big success with support from Jason Chong, Julia Clarke and Nick Skeer and host Tommy Dassalo (who were all in fine form) but as opposed to last night I wanted to have a solid structure that resembled the gigs at The Butterfly Club.  I have felt that those gigs suggested a good solid base for what might be a solo show and I wanted to test that idea again, especially at a venue that I feel so much at home in.

Here's the setlist:


Meth Fans

Wolverine Conversation

Biker Gig

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Tripping and Farting

Laughing at a Funeral

Laughing in Greek Class

Sargent Dick Long

Afghanistan:  Marching on ANZAC Day

"Hey, Be Careful!"

Soldiers Are Funny

Port Power Supporters in Adelaide

Journey into Kabul

Afghanistan:  The Worst Sentence Ever

Bronzing Up

We're Dancing Guy

Homeless in New York

Double Bi

Destroying a Nerd

"You Can Go Shit In Your Hat!"

Life Is Good When You're Caucasion

Maguire and The Ape

Can't Call An Aussie A Racist

Country Folk vs Inner City Living

Bomb Chucker and "I'm Sorry"

Aboriginal Man at Party

Inspiring Women By Calling the PM Names

Reconnecting To True Feelings

Adam Sandler:  Royal Baby

Naked Men at Rhino

Make-A-Wish Comedian

Today's Tragedy Is Tomorrow's Bouncy Castle



I enjoyed this gig a lot, probably even more than the previous night because I felt I walked away with a set that definitely had more structure.  It still had places for ad libbing and some natural spots where I could take routines and swap them with other pieces if I felt like it but it also lent itself to what could constitute a solo show.  It was definitely a step forward in where I see this material heading.

It was a fun gig that had a lot of my close Adelaide friends in the audience.  I deliberately crafted a setlist that would appeal to them as I had the opportunity to talk about being over in Afghanistan and some of the thoughts that have been bubbling in my head since I last saw everyone.  A one sided conversation that was aimed at everybody...I think this might sum up how I approach stand up at times.

Once again coming home has given me the space and the confidence to play around with my sets and really discover what I have at my disposal.  I'm looking forward to bringing what I've learned in Adelaide and show it off in Melbourne next week.


Justin Hamilton

28th of July, 2013