Gig 89: Harold Park Hotel

The first gig up in this Sydney run was a little shaky on my behalf. While the audience was great and the first half was rock solid I felt like I wasn't quite on top of my game.  This happens from time to time and I can pinpoint exactly why this occurred at this gig.  To begin with the hotel I'm staying in is the type that you come to if you want to neck yourself.  When you book online you can sometimes get lucky (as I did in LA...the hotel was so amazing that I had a moment of panic thinking I may have misread what I was supposed to be paying for the room) or you can luck out.  I think if Brooks from the Shawshank Redemption had come to this hotel he would have checked out and found a better place to hang himself rather than be found here.  The drab colours, stained carpet and sliced quilt really make you wonder if something bad happened in here once upon a time.  Why not check out? I'm on the move quite a bit while I'm here so I can't be bothered but I'll definitely be looking for reasons to get outside when I can.

Material wise I wanted to return to the setlist I was performing at The Butterfly Club and unfortunately it has been a few weeks since I gave those routines a twirl.  I went over the notes I had made and even had a listen to the set I recorded but I just couldn't quite nail the cadence that was working so well before.  I often substituted words that were unnecessary which were difficult to jump around to get back on track.  Then I'd hit my stride and things would be rolling...only for me to stumble on another idea and have to really think my way through the set to right course.

These are the types of things only a comedian in the audience would recognise or possibly close friends/fans who have seen the material before.  I am talking about my inner experience which; luckily for me, was not what the audience was experiencing.

Here's the setlist:


Meth Fans

Homeless in New York

Double Bi

Destroying a Nerd

"You Can Go Shit In Your Hat"

Life is Good When You're Caucasion

White Men Have Had It Hard

Can't Call An Aussie A Racist

Country Folk vs Inner City Folk

Bomb Chucker and "I'm Sorry"

Inspiring Women By Calling the PM Names

International Bogan

Make-A-Wish Comedian

Today's Tragedy Is Tomorrow's Bouncy Castle




The set went down well but I was a bit annoyed that I wasn't 100% on top of my game. I think the issue was that rather than feeling the material I was attempting to repeat how I originally performed the routines.  I should have been playing this like I was Nick Hempton (the great Sydney born jazz musician living in New York...check his cool album out here) rather than some kid at a recital.

Still from missteps you can learn and make certain the routines are better the next time they're performed.  I know that every gig is a step just annoys the perfectionist in me when I know I was a little off my game.  The good part was that I managed to squeeze the game that was invented on Road Show last week, International Bogan, which appears to have legs onstage.  For me that was the main positive that arose from last night.


Justin Hamilton

10th of July, 2013