Gig 88: Bairnsdale

In the end we were lucky enough to experience the best gig last. Randy left us after Sale and we were joined by Elbowskin.  Dave and Ernie have really come into their own in the last couple of years, their songs are nice and punchy getting straight to the jokes without hesitation.  Just like watching Geraldine Hickey's progress, it is great seeing Elbowskin grow into their act and really take a step up a level in recent times.

Speaking of Geraldine it was birthday celebrations for her at the final gig.  Sure her birthday was the next day but obviously her birthday wish on the day was to start celebrating the day before...we just experienced time in a non linear fashion to make certain it happened.  Nice. We were in pretty good spirits and everyone who performed really nailed it.  The audience was excellent, a really good mix of people who inspired not only a pretty loose setlist but also a lot of ad libbing.


Partying During the Week

Jarrod at The Wedding

Car Crash in Adelaide

Turning 40

Tripping and Farting (including Bogan Girl)

Hairy Baby

No Need To Share All Your Opinions (including Barista Mime)

Watching Movies Out of Context



Fun gig!  I nearly launched into a full International Bogan onslaught (the game we invented off stage the night before) but wasn't entirely certain how to get into the idea in a way that wasn't clunky.  Instead I performed a small part to feel how it might work onstage and was pleased with the result.  Fleety and I are talking about doing a full blown version at The Shelf in August so keep an eye out for that.  We are convinced it is either going to fly or crash and burn.  Either way it will be pretty funny, right?

I just played around with this set and was pleasantly surprised to have the story about Jarrod at the Wedding Party pop up as it hadn't been performed since the corporate gig from roughly six weeks ago.  I forgot how much I enjoy performing that routine and may use it again next week in Sydney.  Otherwise I was just bouncing back and forth really enjoying the audience and the material I was performing for them.

At half time we experienced this:



A fun few days full of great gigs and people.  I had at least three verified laughing fits, one of which Fleety wasn't certain I was going to ever breathe again.  I enjoy the alone time I have on the road and embrace the solitude to a certain extent.  Yet if I was told I was going to be on the road for a month with this exact group I would have been more than comfortable with that arrangement.

A rarity of a comment indeed!


Justin Hamilton

7th of July, 2013