The Shelf Season Seven Announcement

One of the deals that we made when putting The Shelf together was that it could never rest on any perceived laurels.  If a show goes well I always like to imagine how it could have been better.  No matter how much fun I have on the night I always believe you can make it just that bit better next time. Most of my inspirations for comedy come from other fields.  I've been influenced by movies when it comes to story structure for live solo shows.  The basis of a play I wrote once was my attempt at cracking the very distinct feeling I had reading Grant Morrison's final issue of "Doom Patrol" crossed with Woody Allen's "The Purple Rose of Cairo".  (I don't know how successful I was with that but that was the aim nonetheless) With that in mind we draw a lot of our inspiration for the production of The Shelf from UK television.  Some of our favourite UK series vary the number of episodes per season all dependent on how many episodes they need to tell that particular story.  They also don't follow a regimented airing date either.  We like the spontaneity of this because it gives you a sense of an event rather than something you can rely on, something you can set you watch to and almost not notice when it suddenly occurs.  If you can rely on something what do you eventually do?  Take it for granted.  We don't want you to take us for granted and therefore we strive in turn to not to take you for granted.  To avoid this you have to to reinvent yourself.

Before you get too worked up yes there will be chats in the next season.  Yes there will be big time guests.  Yes the show will go too long.  All the things you enjoy will still be there but we're ringing in some changes to help keep you in the mood and give you something new to look forward to.  So with that in mind I'd like to introduce the regular cast for season 7:


Adam Richard

Watson (with Tegan Higginbotham and Adam McKenzie)

Xavier Michelides

Girls Uninterrupted (with Louise McCrae and Nicolette Minster)

Lessons with Luis

And me!


We will also have Cal Wilson and Asher Treleaven making a couple of appearances throughout the season.  In the next week or so I will begin to let you know who our guests will be.  We've had splendid work in the past from previous regulars like Gatesy, European Man and Adam Rozenbachs who we will be able to have pop in again at some point in the future.  You never know when Wil Anderson will fly down or if we can possibly cajole some of the Fan Fiction Kids to make the trek over from New Zealand.  The name of the game is change (for those of you playing along with me last week with my three youtube riddles I enjoyed that most of you picked up on the change answer but was disturbed that a lot of you seemed to think I was killing off some of our regulars!  I'm going to have to do something about my image if this is your view of me!) and so for our next season in August you'll be introduced to new acts, new ideas and a new feel for the night.

To keep across what is happening you can either find us on or our Facebook page (where you can also check out photos from previous seasons.  Don't ask me what is going on in some of is possibly better you don't know.)  You can find tickets here and the three shows are on the 5th, 12th and 19th of August.

From the beginning we dubbed it "The show you will never see on TV" and so it is ironic that we take inspiration from the shows we watch on our flat screens or our even smaller computers.  Lets be honest:  comedy is always funnier, more dangerous and innovative when you see it in person and to prove it we're going to show you with our actions, not just our rhetoric.



And wait until you see what we have in store for season 8...


Justin Hamilton

2nd of July, 2013

Fitzroy North