Gig 81: Felix Bar

Last night I travelled down to St Kilda to perform a small spot at Felix Bar.  I originally booked this gig before my run at The Butterfly Club to use as an opportunity to trial some new material.  That initial approach had to change because I have so much new material that instead I just wanted to give some of the jokes a run in smaller slots. That way I could see if the material would hold up alone or if it needed the context of the larger show to find some traction. First up the show was hosted by Brad Oakes who is in great form.  It was easily one of the best hosting jobs I've seen this year and the line up of Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall, Rob Hunter, Karl Woodberry and feature act Randy really delivered a top show for the packed audience.

My setlist was as follows:


Meth Fans

Homeles in New York

Double Bi

Destroying a Nerd


I was sort of happy with my set but felt like I chased the gig too much.  Using a sporting analogy the great players let the game come to them and then they impose their will.  I felt like I was a bit too aggressive in my approach and chased some of the laughs rather than letting it come to me.  This happens to me often in the early process of working on new material.  There is always a gig or two where I hit it too hard and know if I pulled back just a little on the delivery it would find a better cadence and therefore would produce fuller laughs.



Still for a short spot it still worked well and also gave me a good sense of what I need to do next time.  With another gig tonight at Five Boroughs I'll probably take the same setlist and pull back the performance a little bit just to see how that plays out. The production of new material never lets up and it really requires a constant spit and polish approach before you can get the new routines exactly where you want them.


Justin Hamilton

19th of June, 2013

Fitzroy North