Gig 69: Funny At The Brunny

Last night I was attempting to shake some serious lethargy before my gig.  For whatever reason I just couldn't find any focus and found myself dragging my sorry arse out into the cold hoping the chill would slap some energy into me.  I hadn't performed at this gig before and had been asked down by one of the promoters during my run at The Comic's Lounge.  I had promised that I would make an appearance and decided to lock it in fairly early as the next few months were going to be next to impossible to follow up on my promise. Funny at the Brunny takes place at the Brunswick Hotel on Sydney Road and is a new open mic night.  As I have mentioned before I like to perform in all sorts of rooms and this was a good opportunity to get back to an open mic night and have a play.  It has a slightly different set up to most rooms with the hosting of the show left to the promoters who introduce both halves and having them ready to go before letting the acts follow one another. There is also a DJ onstage who introduces all the acts and keeps everything moving.  I like that it has a very different feel to all the other open mic rooms as it not only provides a point of difference but it also means that newer comedians are exposed to a different vibe that they might not find in other venues.  The best way to improve your skills is to learn how to master as many different types of rooms as possible and this will hopefully become a mainstay on the Melbourne open mic circuit.

I was still struggling with lethargy before I was introduced onstage so I ad libbed a lot of material upfront.  I told some stories I'd never told before and I slipped in an old routine that I would normally use as a closer but by sneaking it in up front it helped make me connect with what was happening in the room.  This also meant that I couldn't phone in the gig which is what usually happens when you're tired.  Not that I wanted to phone it in but when you're tired it can be difficult to maintain focus and this is unfortunately the typical end result.  Here's the setlist:


Lehmo and the Midget

World Wardrobe Nightclub

Meth Fans

The Acid Story

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Hairy Baby

Twitter and Felix

“That Won’t Get Him A Job.”

No Need to Share All Your Opinions

Qantas Rant



I think the change up at the beginning helped me to focus and this benefited the rest of the material.  The opening story had never been told onstage before and the nightclub tale has popped up maybe twice before.  This made me really connect with the material onstage which also allowed me to connect with the audience.  It was a fun gig and I am certain I will frequent it more often later in the year as an opportunity to trial new material.  I may have been lacking the motivation to perform but I was glad I checked out this gig.  It appears to have a good opportunity to make a mark out in Brunswick that will be good for the local scene and the punters who live around that area.  The promoters are only early into their residency with this new gig but with time and a bit more experience it could blossom into something special.  I'll definitely return in the future with some raw material and hopefully a bit more zing to my step.



Justin Hamilton

13th of May, 2013

Fitzroy North