Gig 68: Tina's Comedy Canteen

I love Wes Snelling. I thought his show with Kate McLennan at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival this year was one of the absolute highlights.  I'm also a big fan of Tina Del Twist so when I was invited to be a part of the show I jumped at the opportunity.

Tina hosts the show at the Eureka Hotel with her trusty guitarist Twist and it is a fun gig.  If you haven't seen Tina before she is an alcoholic diva who has a divine voice, is so sozzled she forgets where she is in the middle of songs and is elegantly trashed for the whole night.  There are three brackets and on this night she had booked Bob Franklin and Dr Professor Neal Portenza with me closing the show.

I'm a massive fan of Bob and really don't see him enough throughout the year.  Portenza is a fun act as well and I'm enjoying watching Josh (the name behind the facade that is Portenza) play around with the character trying out new approaches to how the character can work in different settings.



I was on last so this was my setlist:


Meth Fans

Biker Story

Afghanistan:  Marching on ANZAC Day

“Hey, be careful!”

Soldiers are funny.

Port Power Supporters in Adelaide

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Being An Arsehole

Hairy Baby

“You’re An Ugly Hooker!”

Twitter and Felix

“That Won’t Get Him A Job.”

No Need to Share All Your Opinions



This was a short set so I went out as hard as possible with the jokes early before slowing the pace down with the Felix material.  Once I arrived at the end though I ramped it up with some quick gags and finished my set on a high.  It is amazing how quickly a spot will go when you come off the back of performing shows that last an hour.



Nothing much to report from this apart from the fact the night was a lot of fun.  I did make a concerted effort to bring some of the gentler energy from the solo shows to this gig and it appeared to have worked.  I was even concentrating on holding the microphone in a different way.  It sounds stupid but it did bring me slightly out of the performance which allowed me to concentrate on the energy and presentation.  I'll keep playing around with that idea over the next few weeks before I head overseas at the end of May.


Justin Hamilton

8th of May, 2013

Fitzroy North