Gig 45: The Comic's Lounge

I felt fatigued before this show. I hadn't really had a late night in the lead up but things have been quite hectic this festival and I think it just crept up on me on this day.  Between the blogs, gigs, writing articles, producing The Shelf and recording podcasts it has been long days and nights. I enjoy being this busy as I am having fun with my job (at this point in time at least!) especially all the different types of comedy I'm participating in.  Unfortunately fatigue can hit you when you least expect it and I suddenly felt quite tired on the way to The Comic's Lounge. I recorded a podcast in the afternoon with one of my favourite people DeAnne Smith (this will be up very soon at "Can You Take This Photo Please?") and then had a good old fashion gas bag with her after the recording.  I decided to walk from the city to North Melbourne and it was at this point I started feeling sleepy.  I literally ended up sitting at a park bench on Victoria Street just to have some quiet time.



After a little grandpa nap I walked to The Lounge and performed for a sold out show. Here's the setlist:


Afghanistan:  Marching on ANZAC Day

Soldiers are funny.

Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Hairy Baby

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Tripping and Farting

Girl at the Theatre

Telling Jokes on a Bad Date

Gym Conversation

Breaking Up Through History

Getting Angry as I Get Older

No Need to Share All Your Opinions

Glitter in Invitations

People wearing your glasses



As you can see there are some small changes that have taken place over the last week.  A couple of routines have been dropped entirely or they're moving around into different positions.  The end of the set is barely changing though and that is because it has a nice rhythm to it with loads of jokes that hit hard and quickly.  I like to start off the show with routines that have a lot of gags, then I'll slow it down in the middle to change the pace of the gig and then ramp it up to finish on a high.  So far it has been working nicely although on this night I thought I had made a mildly incorrect choice with one of my routines.

As you can see there is a routine called, "Telling Jokes on a Bad Date". This was a variation of a routine from last year's MICF show "The Goodbye Guy".  I figured since I now had two dating routines I would stick to the comedic law of three and add a final dating story.  The routine went well enough but I think in hindsight it had a similar energy and pace to the story about the girl answering the phone in the theatre.  After I had finished this third routine I felt like I had to get the show back into gear by hitting with some quick routines that had easily digested gags.  I felt onstage like a plane groaning under the weight of take off on a windy day.  I was a bit disappointed with that middle section of the show.  Ironically after the show I was approached by the most people I've had approach me all season to tell me how much they enjoyed the show.  It is truly amazing how the comedian onstage can be the last person to have any idea how their gig is being received.

This gig gave me a bit to think about and I might try that set again but this time reshuffle the routines to see if I can make the flow a little stronger.  One of the true joys of stand up is the Tetris like way you have to slot your routines together on the fly to make it all come together.


Justin Hamilton

6th of April, 2013

Fitzroy North