Gig 23: Livewired at the Brisbane Powerhouse

So my third and final trip to Brisbane brings this run of gigs to an end. I returned to Brisbane to perform at Livewired Comedy which is situated in the open area of the Brisbane Powerhouse. This is a gig that for all intents and purposes shouldn't work. There are multiple levels to the room, laughter dissipates up into the ether and you're physically removed from the audience by the giant gulfs of space between the people and the stage.  It often feels like you've accidentally walked onto the set for a Lenny Kravitz film clip.  Not only that but a lot of the audience are well lit and it is also free to attend. Yet with all of this happening the gig is a lot of fun.

I have been lucky enough to have been flown up for this gig on a semi regular basis over the last couple of years or if the timing is right I'll stay an extra night after my run at the Sit Down Comedy Club. I know how to work the room and even though it is a lot of work it always feels like you've had a good work out once you're finished.

Sunday night's gig was also one of those rare gigs where you have a lot of close friends on the bill. As you grow older and your stock rises you find that you perform less with your close friends because you have all hit the status of headliners. I rarely perform with someone like Tom Gleeson anymore unless we're a part of galas, late night shows or The Shelf. This night was a lot of fun as the line up was a bunch of good pals: Jacques Barrett, Karl Chandler, Tommy Dassalo, Luke McGregor, Mel Buttle and Henry Stone. Henry is also the comedian that runs the night so he was pulling double duty at the gig.

Jacques did a great job of hosting, his crowd interaction was particularly amusing for me as he talked to people a long way away with a microphone and forced them to shout back their answers. Karl ripped through his set so he could make his final night of his solo show, Dassalo came straight from his final show looking like a Dapper Dan Man in his suit, McGregor reminded the audience he just needed to believe in himself, Henry had some funny new material that was peppered with the right amount of swagger and Buttle proved yet again that she is one of the finest young joke writers out there.



This was another gig where I wanted to have fun and the setlist reflected this:


Turning 40

Car Crash in Adelaide

Invite Who You Want To Parties

Being An Arsehole

Little Boy Joke

Hairy Baby

Gym Conversation

Tripping and Farting

Breaking Up Through History

Twitter and Felix

No Need To Share All Your Opinions

Qantas Rant


I hadn't performed the Qantas Rant in a while and it was fun to finish with it even if my wording was slightly off. For the most part I was pretty happy with my gig, there were a few stumbles that nobody would have picked up on but I just put that down to being a bit tired after flying from Melbourne to Brisbane that day. My main goal was to put on a good show and have fun. I wasn't attempting to break in any new material and I had no other goals other than being entertaining.



Afterward I met some really nice girls and boys who listen to my podcasts "Can You Take This Photo Please?" and "The Shelfcast". They were some of the most articulate and polite punters I've met in a long time and they were a delight to talk to after the show. These moments really do mean a lot and I was chuffed that they'd come down to see the gig especially considering some of them had never seen me live before. That is why you can never phone in a gig. You never know when it is going to be someone's first time at seeing you live so it was a good reminder to always do my best.

I am off overseas so there might be a gap between blogs but if that is the case I'll have some interesting stories to tell you when I return next week.

Until then take care.

Justin Hamilton

4th of March, 2013

Darling Harbour