Gig 19: Five Boroughs

Thursday night's gig at Five Boroughs was a relief in a week of frustration. After returning from Brisbane I had to endure another flight that felt like it was compressing my head into smaller dimension.  With my hearing completely muffled by congestion I saw a doctor who said yes, I did indeed have an infection in the sinuses, the bane of all people spending time on planes.  A bunch of anti-biotics and a powerful nasal spray later, I cancelled Monday night plans and a Tuesday night gig to do my best to recover once and for all.  This was important to get on top of as I return to Brisbane this Sunday for a one off performance before leaving Melbourne on the 3rd of March and I don't return until the 14th.  There are a lot of flights involved and I really could do without the sensation of my eardrums exploding.

I was hosting Thursday night with a great bunch of comics on the bill:  Lehmo, Pete Sharkey, Jack Druce, Ray Badran and from the UK Gina Yashere.  The room was packed and since I still wasn't feeling quite myself I figured I would just play around with some material that I'd been performing recently just so I could survive the gig.  Turns out my brain had other ideas as my setlist consisted of the following:


Set One

Improv:  Worst Woman In Brisbane

Improv:  Make-A-Wish Comedian

Tripping and Farting


Set Two

Breaking Up Through History

Gym Conversation


Set Three

No Need To Share All Your Opinions


If you have been following the recent blogs you can see I improvised some of my encounters from my trip to Brisbane and found that on the night the audience enjoyed the stories a lot.  In fact I possibly didn't have to slot in the last bit of material there (Tripping and Farting) but did so out of habit knowing I should finish with something I know works before bringing on the first act.  I easily could have left it out though.  It is quite fascinating sometimes how you can be sitting around working out what your setlist is going to entail and once you hit the stage your brain just says, "Nah, we're going to do it our way".  For the most part it works because there is an energy to your performance as you're taken just as much by surprise as the audience is.  I'm guessing these improvised stories slipped out onstage because I was telling the comedians before the gig these exact stories and the echo of those tales just continued into the gig.  Suffice to say they scored well with the audience and set me up for a bumper night.



At the beginning of the second and third brackets I relied on material that I knew was punchy and brief so the night didn't drag on too long.  I had some fun improvising with Lehmo before and after his set and all in all the night was fun.  In fact it was the type of night that makes you forget that this is your job and was the perfect antidote to feeling frustrated by the fact that I was still under the weather.  Definitely one to put in the "win" column for the year.

Justin Hamilton

22nd of February, 2013

Fitzroy North