Pre Melbourne Comedy Festival Musings

I had set myself the goal of keeping the blog current but this year has been so busy it has fallen by the wayside. What a shame!  I love writing this blog.

Like a neglected lover it calls to me from afar and makes me feel guilty.  All I can do is offer empty promises that I haven’t been reading other blogs and claim the podcasts I have been running with are just friends, nothing more, right?


The new show "The Goodbye Guy" opens on Monday in a special preview at The Toff.  After writing nine drafts and four Adelaide sneak peaks I can finally confirm what this show is about.  It is funny how you can know the story, have the idea of what you want to say and all the experience of knowing how to write a show but it isn’t until the very end that you actually know what it is all about.  So what is the show about?  Grief.  I’ll leave it at that for now.  This won’t be your typical show and if you are looking for an hour of stand up you will be severely disappointed.  If you want an hour of fantastic stand up go and see Wil Anderson and Tom Gleeson.  I laughed my arse off in their shows.  Wil is world class and Gleeson is continuing to build on his beautiful momentum.  I doubt I will see better stand up shows this year.

"The Goodbye Guy" is nothing like their shows.  You can buy tickets here.

I’m producing myself this year and forgotten what a pain in the arse it is.  I am glad this will be the final MICF show for the foreseeable future.  It is going to be a relief to walk away.  I look forward to the moment that I miss the MICF sometime in the future.  There is a big, wide world out there that doesn’t give a fuck about the MICF, the Adelaide Fringe, the Rhino Room or me and I can’t wait to embrace it with open arms.

The opening music for "The Goodbye Guy" has been chosen and it is this.

If you’re a nerd and love this type of stuff you should listen to the lyrics, in particular the chorus, as they’re very pertinent to the tale I am telling.  If you don’t care then don’t bother.  You don’t have to care but if you do there are extra treats for you.   The show is peppered with Easter Eggs.  If you’ve been a fan for a while you are going to be paid back in spades.  If this is the first time you’ve seen my show then don’t worry, you won’t have to know any of my past shows to enjoy this.

I have some exciting announcements to make about my podcast “Can You Take This Photo Please?” but not just yet.  Keep an eye out here.

Peter Helliar and I had a delightful time recording a podcast with Joel Edgerton for “Helliar and Hammo Dig Flicks!” which will be out very soon.

The Shelfcast” continues to grow and “The Shelf” returns for the three Mondays of the MICF.  You can buy tickets here for the show you will never see on TV.  Our opening show is a beautiful combination of the best acts this country has ever produced with my favourite Raw Comedy contestant for the year.  To find out whom that is click here.

Now it is back to rehearsing for "The Goodbye Guy", a show that is all about grief.  If you think that is not right for comedy then that is the whole point and exactly why I’m getting all Rocky Horror on your arses and taking a step to the right.

Saturday the 21st of April is just around the corner and you know what comes with that?


Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

24th of March, 2012