Just Another Manic Friday

I’ve been feeling quite manic of late. I’ve been fighting the urge to go all Fight Club at any moment, subconsciously choosing who is going to be the Jared Leto to my Edward Norton.  (By the way, I can't fight, this is just how I feel.  I can back absolutely none of this up.)  I think this comes with the creative process.  You feel like burning all your bridges and smashing all your work in some weird suicide and the idea of taking some people down with you is in fact quite enticing.

Just me?  Right.

It could be put down to the time you spend alone.  I read recently that Michael Chabon has his family to balance out this process but all I have is a Mother in Adelaide and a flat mate who is so nice that I can see his eyes darting back and forth as I rant and rave about wanting to rub my balls all over some imagined enemy's ears.  To be honest it is an exhausting feeling.

In an attempt to find balance I have been immersing myself in all types of art.

This week I have watched two brilliant movies:

The Artist

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (for the second time.)

The Green Hornet.  (A film that defied simple marketing.)

I have immersed myself in the voice over parts of Up In The Air.

I have read the first volume of Locke and Key.

I have read the fourth volume of The Unwritten.

I have laughed with Wil Anderson over our unwitting baiting of journalist Jim Schembri.

I have finished The Man Who Was Thursday:  A Nightmare and started reading the novel Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

I have listened to these tracks over and over:

Somebody to Love – Queen

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Black Tie White Noise – David Bowie

Time – David Bowie

Buddha of Suburbia – David Bowie

Hyperballad – Bjork

Bones – Radiohead

There There – Radiohead

I have watched the first disc from season 4 of Californication.

I have started Boardwalk Empire season 2.

I have watched two NBA games.

I have recorded three podcasts, released one, opened the second season of The Shelf (tix here), worked on my late show for the Adelaide Fringe (tix here) and tried to remember to eat food while visiting the gym every day.

Amongst this I have written two new drafts of my show The Goodbye Guy (tix here) which some of the above will make it’s way into the show.

Now it is Friday and I realised I have already failed in my goal to write a new blog every week for the rest of the year.  Hopefully I can churn out another over the weekend.

And people wonder why I’m single.

Or don’t.

Either way I can’t wait for the weekend…where it will be more of the same.


Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

10th of February, 2012