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There is nothing more exciting than looking at the diary two weeks in to the New Year and knowing the holidays are truly done.  Riiiiiight…. So here are a few odds and ends for you.  Songs currently copping a hiding on my computer while I work:

Immigrant Song” – Karen O, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Hyperballad” – Andy Clockwise

Be Yourself” – Graham Nash

Anyone Who Had a Heart” – Cilla Black

The Drowned Girl” – David Bowie

The Vulture” Gil Scott-Heron

Let Down” – Radiohead

(Click on the songs if you feel like having a listen.)

I managed to see George Clooney in “The Descendants” and David Fincher’s “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.  I enjoyed both movies but while I loved “The Descendants” I can’t say I loved Fincher’s movie.  I think it would be difficult to love the film, as it just isn’t the type of movie you can spoon with after you’ve watched it.  Still I think Fincher is a master and this is another finely made flick, a cross between "Seven" and "Zodiac" for me.  I haven't seen the original so if you have let me know what it is like or even better, if you have seen both I'd love to know what you think when comparing the two.  “The Descendants” on the other hand hit all the right buttons for me and if anyone tells me they didn’t like it I will judge them harshly and find excuses not to talk too much to them anymore.  Some people will judge you for your politics or your religious beliefs.  I will too but I will also judge you for your tastes in movies.  I’m not saying I’m always right but I am definitely right when knowing my tastes and what I think of people who disagree.

I’m currently writing my show “The Goodbye Guy” and have learned something very interesting about the tale I am writing.  It is always a fun moment when you learn what your show is really about.  That happened to me this week and I’m looking forward to getting stuck into draft number four.

I am also currently promoting the following shows:

The Shelf:  Season Two.  Tickets here.

All Star Late Night Comedy at the Adelaide Fringe:  Tickets here.

The Goodbye Guy:  Tickets here and new poster here.

The Shelf:  Season Three MICF edition:  Tickets on sale soon.

After the MICF I hope to be promoting fuck all shows for a while, this really is taking up a lot of time even though I am excited about all four shows.

I have finished draft six of my novel.  Exciting for me!

Can You Take This Photo Please?” has stared recording again and we will be back on the podcast airways as of Feb so keep your eyes out for those interviews.

All this and I survived yet another Friday the 13th by wearing black, walking under ladders and flipping a black cat the bird.

A week to remember…for now.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

14th of January 2012