The Shelf: A New Comedy Night

There are a lot of excellent comedy rooms in Melbourne at the moment. In no particular order:

The Local on a Monday night down St Kilda way, run by the feisty Janet McLeod, is a room that has reinvented itself numerous times to roll with the times.

Spleen, also on a Monday night at the top of Bourke St, where new comics can learn how to establish themselves and established comics can experiment with new material.

Death Star Canteen on a Wednesday night on Smith St, run by the lovely Trav and Dean and a great venue to experiment with your stand up in an intimate environment.

Karl Chandler’s gigs at Felix Bar on a Wednesday in St Kilda and Softbelly in the city on a Thursday where funny comedians with lower profiles rub shoulders with some of the best our country has to offer.

We also have The Comics Lounge and The Comedy Club that provide an environment for people who possibly see comedy once a year while enjoying a meal, a drink and a laugh.

There are many more new rooms opening and thriving run by new comedians with an energy that is infectious and exciting.  My amigo Adam Richard and I have enjoyed this new buzz to the city.  It has inspired us to provide Melbourne with a different type of comedy show that would build off this and provide you with a different type of live show.  Hence:  The Shelf.

This is the Comedy show you will never see on TV.  Big ideas unfettered by some TV producer who thinks he knows best.  We will be getting down and dirty on stage, feeding off your energy and scaling new heights while taking no prisoners.  Hence why TV chefs can get back in the kitchen, home renovators can pick their splinters out elsewhere and people looking for true love can lose themselves on dating websites.  We want our comedians to do what they do best:  be funny.

Each week Adam and I will host a show that will have stand up, chats, podcast recording and a game show.  We will be giving you the best comedians we know and the comedians we genuinely enjoy the company of.  Everyone on the show has been picked for a specific reason and we plan on having as much fun as possible.  If we get arrested in the process then I consider that to be a success.

It feels like TV and radio have made it difficult for great comedic ideas to flourish.  Comedy should be daring, innovative and dangerous.  If your Nan came along and enjoyed our show then we fucked up.  Unless of course your Nan has a pierced nose, tatts and bangs hipsters for breakfast, then that Nan is more than welcome.  We want our comics to stand up and have something to say.  We don’t want comics who mistake whimsy for not having any jokes.  We don’t want our comics to mistake being edgy for being racist, sexist or homophobic.  What we do want are our comics to take the language of ha ha and bend it to their whim and desire to provide the kind of night that will have you shaking your head with laughter.

Each show will consist of three brackets.  The first bracket will consist of stand up, a chat about the week’s events and a musical act.  The second bracket is where our feature act will shine.  The third bracket is a game show where all the games played will be based on things you will find on your shelf.  Guests will be allowed to shine and have fun.  Then later in the week you can download a free podcast of the game so you can relive your favourite moments or use it to entice your friends to join in the fun the following week.

You can can find more info here.

You can buy tickets for the show here.

The Shelf.

Four weeks in October.

Come out and play.

Justin Hamilton


19th of September, 2011